1/2 - Pens/Bruins at Fenway


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Jun 3, 2005
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I was waiting for the Bruins to score 3 minutes from now and then have the refs chalk it off with the net dislodged.

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Jul 15, 2005
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This commercial with Regina King would have been so much better if she ran into ice cube and he asked her to borrow $200.


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Jan 27, 2006
The ice doesn’t have to be that bad. I think the NHL tries too hard to duplicate their indoor ice, instead of making the best outdoor ice possible.

The REAL issue making the ice isn’t that there’s not a roof overhead, it’s that there’s not a level concrete surface underneath - and the NHL likes to keep the ice thin, so they can better control the ice temperature…which in my opinion compromises the integrity of the ice. I think they’d be better off giving up on trying to micromanage ice temps, and going with a thicker, stronger sheet.

This is interesting -- I did not know that. From your pen, then, to the NHL brass. But, given their general level of "unresponsiveness" it may be awhile, or never.