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Dec 24, 2002
If he is rethinking his pledge to re-sign, presumably.
Well, if Kyrie decides to go to the Knicks or Nets, good luck. I am slightly more bulled up on the Nets as they have some good young pieces but neither of those teams is going to do much better than Boston is this year for the next few seasons unless they get Durant as well. While that seems to be a popular scenario, its a lot more complicated in practice to sign two players of that caliber.

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As a side note, other issues aside, the C's clearly have a problem on the road. Its hard to say how to remedy that and it doesnt bode well for them turning anything around. If this persists, they will be playing on the road in the playoffs in the first round at Philly.
Philly has lost their last two games, to Washington and to Atlanta. I'd write their #4 seed in pencil.