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  1. americantrotter

    The Championship 2018-19: More interesting than the Premier League

    So embarrassing. It was always going to be a struggle post Premier League, but hopefully the club survives.
  2. americantrotter

    Final Four and National Championship Thread

    I wish I could go back to tell my 7th grade self about this. Living in Richmond and dealing with all the front running Duke and UNC fans (who all had different college football allegiances) so happy for the kid that still lives in me. Congrats to all the actual Hoos who went to school there or...
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    AFCCG: Pats at Chiefs Buildup

    St. Louis. Whatever dome. Wembley Gillette superdome. Atlanta Benz dome. Foxborough
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    AFC Championship Game - We’re on to Kansas City

    I can’t love this enough
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    The NFL and the National Anthem

    Having attended Radford (Liberty rival in basketball and all around immoral public school) I can attest that the sport culture at Liberty is strong. Radford too has a Nike contract. Nike knows how to corner the market on hot spots. Back to Liberty. Their desires as a school will only be...
  6. americantrotter

    The Championship 2018-19: More interesting than the Premier League

    Well without them Bolton doesn’t exist anymore. It was tenuous enough with them. I’m no fan of the money in the game, but there’s not a lot of support fan wise to checking the imbalances.
  7. americantrotter

    How Much Better Are Players Now?

    Is t there something to consider about African American players too? Sure Jackie and others make it, but at what point did that talent level finally get equal shots? Not until at least the 70’s. If you compare today with back then they hamstrung themselves too. Modern everything makes modern...
  8. americantrotter

    How did you come to pick an EPL team?

    My sister often compares Liverpool to Sox fans. She lives in Oakland and finds all of our fans entitled and loud. Of course we’re Wanderer fans being born in Bolton. So no EPL team for me atm. But I have a soft spot for Liverpool because they’re Northern. Hate Man U. I get the easy...
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    Re: Vardy once it’s not an elimination penalty for England maybe having him sixth is best if you need it. But of course if he hits it 5th no need to worry.
  10. americantrotter

    Bill Simmons: Valuing Trades More Than Friendships

    Tony K likes House. In some respects, friends can be good or bad, but when there is chemistry it’s good. I like House as an additional member, mainly because I don’t care about golf and his food pod is over the top.
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    World Cup Media Thread

    There will be no bad words about Stu Holden. But vanilla isn’t a bad word, and it’s definitely accurate.
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    Day 15 GAME THREAD: Rock you like a Harry Kane!

    This. I was so looking forward to an open game with no real drawbacks. But the draw is too enticing now for both teams to get to the lesser side of the bracket
  13. americantrotter

    Day 2 GAME THREAD: This is more like it

    Former Bolton Wanderer Hierro pulling the right strings. Lol
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    England: The Three Lines

    To be fair England tied that game 2-2. But Germany was the better side. The score was just unkind after they had to chase.
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    Should we be watching the World Cup?

    I have been frustrated with FIFA for my whole life. When they announced the Russia\Qatar cups I was done I thought. Add in the disaster that was Brazil and I felt confident I’d skip for so many reasons stated here. Unfortunately, it’s like a drug. Watching England is one of the few things I...
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    The process is dead, long live the process.

    Also because US sports fans are oddly socialist when it comes to drafting/competitive balance. In Econ we studied about bubbles and what happened to fund managers who got out early. They were marginalized or fired. No one said they weren’t right, just that they didn’t maximize the potential...
  17. americantrotter

    Ainge's type

    All I know is that before the KG fueled run I was worried about weird brain science. He won me over with the big three. I think back to the brain science and I marvel at the moves made when he looked to be a one hit wonder when we got old. Damn, we’re lucky. It could’ve gone sideways, but...