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  1. EddieYost

    All Time Eyeglass Team

    Joe Kelly?
  2. EddieYost

    Gone Brady Gone

    If he goes to the Chargers, I want the Pats to tank. I'll kill time rooting for Brady and the Chargers.
  3. EddieYost

    Ted Cox, the first major league player with hits in his first six at bats, dies.

    Full trade was Cox, Paxton, Bo Diaz and Rick Wise for Eck and Fred Kendall. Still a great trade.
  4. EddieYost

    2/5 Celtics host the Magic

    Like this lineup. All wings.
  5. EddieYost

    2020 Pats: Bengals Coach Implies Patriots Taping Play Signals

    I fully expect a quick decision and for the verdict to be that the Pats forfeit this week. This way I can’t be disappointed.
  6. EddieYost

    The Antonio Brown Hypothetical: Post-Release

    I am pretty sure Belichick could muster up the courage to cut anyone on the roster.
  7. EddieYost

    Jim Bouton dead at 80

    Read his books many times as a kid. RIP
  8. EddieYost

    Kemba Walker to Boston

    I would have assumed he learned a bit calling the Celtics games on radio all those years.
  9. EddieYost

    Celtics in 18-19

    I pretty much didn’t.
  10. EddieYost

    2019 Steelers: The More Things Change...

    Not for nothing but I’m pretty sure he didn’t have more touches than Bell.
  11. EddieYost

    The 13th Annual Tommy John Surgery Contest

    Yeah I was banking on him playing for a bit first. No luck for me.
  12. EddieYost

    The 13th Annual Tommy John Surgery Contest

    Cool. You’ll probably win. Congrats!!
  13. EddieYost

    The 13th Annual Tommy John Surgery Contest

    Corey Knebel
  14. EddieYost

    Why Are the Patriots So Good?

    I’m glad they got lucky cuz this would have sucked.
  15. EddieYost

    THAT Parent

    I like the idea of picking up where you left off. Only issues is when kids show up last minute, but in that case I always tacked them on to the end.
  16. EddieYost

    THAT Parent

    If it’s rec and your strategy is to sprinkle the good hitters throughout the lineup let some other good hitter bat 9th some times. I think it’s a cop out in rec to say... he does well 9th so I’m gonna leave him there.
  17. EddieYost

    2019 Patriots: Post-SB Roster Thread

    Oh yeah. I think I blended him and Brandon Lafell into one player.