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  1. Jerry’s Curl

    What to do with Drew?

    I was curious what SOSH would do if Drew Pomeranz continues to struggle and not give the team quality starts. When and would you replace him with Steven Wright in the rotation? Or do you stick with him throughout the summer and hope he “finds” it? He’s currently sporting a -.3 WAR and a 1.87...
  2. Jerry’s Curl

    JDM’s value to the Sox

    Since the JDM signing thread was locked, I feel we need a JDM contribution thread. IMO, he’s 1B in importance to the Sox along side of Mookie. He’s single-handedly help the team win at least two out of the Sox 20 wins. He’s an amazing hitter to watch, particularly his ability to hit the ball the...
  3. Jerry’s Curl

    Team defense

    The Sox haven’t committed an error in 8 games and are the only team in baseball without an error. We know the outfield defense is top-notch but are you surprised by the infield defense so far (notably Devers and Hanley?) Nunez has made the routine play but has missed some plays that Pedroia...
  4. Jerry’s Curl

    Bogaerts vs Gregorius

    Both Xander Bogaerts and Didi Gregorius are off to amazing starts for their respective teams. If you had to pick one right now, who is the better overall SS and why?