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  1. HoyaSoxa

    Rugby World Cup 2019

    Update: Blergh Not only did Ireland completely no-show (the match was over when Mo'unga kept Sexton's kick to touch in play at 10-0), NBC Sports inexplicably had the England-Australia match in the slot where the Comcast guide had told me to expect Ireland-New Zealand, so rather than risk...
  2. HoyaSoxa

    Rugby World Cup 2019

    US TV situation update: my programming guide now shows 3/4 matches will be live on NBC Sports Network, and Ireland v. New Zealand will be shown at 2:30 pm ET Saturday. Assuming I can make it to Saturday afternoon without spoiling the result for myself, I am getting pretty excited for this lineup...
  3. HoyaSoxa

    Rugby World Cup 2019

    Two QFs are on NBC Gold package only. If you have already paid for the full package, you would have them. If not, you are now paying $35/match. This is clearly the right approach, especially given there is no way I am going to watch all of the QFs. I just don't know why they wouldn't price the...
  4. HoyaSoxa

    Rugby World Cup 2019

    Japan looked awesome and a very worthy Quarter Finalist. Thank goodness the match was played. Now, more NBC Sports complaints - 2 of the QFs (Ireland v. New Zealand, Wales v. France) are PPV only, and they are now gouging us at $35/match. If I knew what matches will be free to air, it would be...
  5. HoyaSoxa

    Rugby World Cup 2019

    Crazy, but also somewhat difficult to come up with a contingency that accounts for player and spectator safety (aside from "don't schedule major tournaments in Japan in September-October"). Bad enough that England, France, New Zealand all get to rest and avoid injury before QFs, but if the...
  6. HoyaSoxa

    Rugby World Cup 2019

  7. HoyaSoxa

    Rugby World Cup 2019

    NBC Sports website (and the app on your smart TV) have been posting free extended highlights of every match (15-20 minutes), plus a 5-10 minute "Wake up with the World Cup" recap show of all matches from a given day. The only problem is the title of the highlights package also tells you the...
  8. HoyaSoxa

    Rugby World Cup 2019

    WTF is Eddie Jones talking about when he says he expects the Eagles to play like 15 Donald Trumps? I mean, aside from the fact he just loves to stir the pot, no matter how non-sensical.
  9. HoyaSoxa

    Rugby World Cup 2019

    Indeed, they have seemed to be purposefully vague with how they intend to broadcast these games. Their website for things like the 6 Nations package used to be extremely clear, with one column showing the time the matches would be on live PPV and a different column showing when they would be...
  10. HoyaSoxa

    Rugby World Cup 2019

    Thanks for the comprehensive preview, Mr. Bong. One note regarding the US tv coverage - your comment: suggests that the All Blacks - Boks pool stage contest is being shown somewhere other than PPV in the US, but I am not finding it on any programming guide, which is a real shame. On the other...
  11. HoyaSoxa

    Rugby? Lacrosse? On Network TV!

    So I just saw the NBC Sports Gold is asking $200 for their RWC package (or $220 for the full year to include Six Nations), which is a whole lot to spend for games that will be played in the middle of the night, and so many non competitive pool games. What I can't find is any indication of what...
  12. HoyaSoxa

    2018 Golf Thread

    Has anyone played at Sea Island recently and have any advice? I am going for a weekend at the end of November with 3 (or possibly 7) friends. We are staying at The Lodge for two nights and playing each of the three courses at the resort. I have been told Southern Soul BBQ in Saint Simon's...
  13. HoyaSoxa

    2018 PGA Tour

    Agree that the event at TPC has done quite well, but the New England Classic at Pleasant Valley got crap fields for 20 years before it was mercifully cancelled in 1998. New England also lost the LPGA event at Canton after 1997 and the senior event at Nashawtuc after 2008, does not have anything...
  14. HoyaSoxa

    The Athletic - Sports content with an actual budget

    I was coming here to post about this one too. Lars has an incredible second career ahead of him.
  15. HoyaSoxa

    Bill Simmons: Valuing Trades More Than Friendships

    Anyone else notice that Simmons has stopped writing again? Last piece on The Ringer appears to be March 1. I don't miss him too much, but would almost certainly be reading a Friday NBA Playoffs column today.
  16. HoyaSoxa

    NCAA Introduces Experimental Rule Changes for NIT Play

    As a former shot clock operator (including for an NCAA Regional), I will say that no. 4 would take a lot of getting used to and likely require the implementation of new technology. While there was some pressure associated with timing/judging whether a shot hit touched the rim, there was only one...
  17. HoyaSoxa

    Greg Monroe(1 year, $5 million) to sign with the Celtics

    Finally something Georgetown-related I can be excited about! I like Monroe a lot and think he will help, but agree that there might be other areas to upgrade that are more pressing. I did think he would develop an outside shot - he did shoot it occasionally in college and has nice touch. Crafty...
  18. HoyaSoxa

    Fox gets TNF for 5 years

    I hope it doesn't mean the end of Dan Hicks for NBC golf PBP. Tirico already took his ND gig, which is fine, and Tirico hosts big events like The Open, but I like Hicks quite a lot on golf (Expect anything different?!).
  19. HoyaSoxa

    2018 PGA Tour

    Re: Pro-Ams, apparently there is a change coming to the format that should make some pros very happy. Rather than requiring the biggest names in the field to play 18 holes, several tournaments are going to a 9/9 format, where a different pro will take over the group at the turn. Apparently this...
  20. HoyaSoxa

    Katie Nolan: somebody should make a thread about her

    I thought her old podcast was pretty consistently good but the first few episodes at ESPN have not been as strong, despite following essentially the same format. Given that she was also making her tv show alongside the FS1 podcast, maybe that provided a little more structure to the process? On...