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  1. Bunt Single

    2019 NFL Week 11 Game Thread

    Man, that field looks like it's in terrible condition. Hoping we don't see any horrendous injuries....
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    Week 6 NFL Game Thread

    Well, it's nuanced....
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    B/R's Top 50 NBA Players of All-Time

    I'll offer: Jordan Russell Wilt James Kareem Magic Bird Dr. J O A few minor rearrangements here, among what seem to me to be clear consensus for the top choices (adding Doctor J and Oscar Robertson). Like anyone else venturing into these waters, I'm trying to juggle and aportion sheer...
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    Week 4 Game Thread

    Just a ridiculous number of personal fouls by the Iggles D this half.
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    Week 4 Game Thread

    Agreed. On a situation like that, the NFL should set up a process to have a play like that reviewed and the player suspended by half-time of that very game, IMO. Don't leave the decision of the refs on the field -- they are obviously proving to be unable to make an ejection call in the heat of...
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    The Contested Terms of "Ownership" in the NBA

    Sorry, I feel compelled to revive this thread to see if people here want to continue poking at it. Players' assertion of control over what team they play for might be about what city they work in, or whom they play with. Either way, something deeper is happening. I find it telling, in this...
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    Matchweek 2 - Starring Sideshow Bob and Sideshow Mel

    Ridiculous! Correctly ruled, I suppose. Ergo, ridiculous rule! An ending that just didn't feel like a football ending.
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    Chelsea 2019-20: Putting the 'sick' in Pulisic

    Your account of Pulisic's performance in the opener is fair, but your description of his play in the Super Cup seems ungenerous. "Didn't look quite as bad"? Really? That assist was a marvelous through ball delivered after he'd drawn several defenders and as he was going to ground. And that...
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    Favorite player ever / Favorite player now

    Ever: Iniesta: Kind of an idiosyncratic choice, but I got back into following the sport just as Barcelona/Spain were peaking and just I began studying the flow of the game, trying to decode how dangerous moments were created. And Iniesta always seemed to be at the center of things -- an eye of...
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    72 Suburbs in Search of a City: Anthony Davis to Los Angeles Lakers

    I don't see the situation as one of big market or even desirable city any more. I think it's more a question of the players wanting -- and increasingly expecting -- to be able to form the teams they want to play on. These days it's who else will I be playing with, more than where will I be...
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    The Contested Terms of "Ownership" in the NBA

    In the midst of all of the player-by-player, team-by-team excitement marking this year’s NBA off-season, it’s easy to lose sight of the deeper trend. Amid all the hurly-burly, beneath the frenzy of migration and maneuver, players in the NBA are laying claim an unprecedented degree of control...
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    Kemba Walker to Boston

    Well played, sir!
  13. Bunt Single

    Kemba Walker to Boston

    Dang, this quote from Kemba's Players' Tribune web site (linked above)? .... I'm tingling. Can't wait for next season to start.
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    Danny Ainge suffered mild heart attack

    This post has my respect and admiration.
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    Privilege, Racism, and the NBA.

    Wow, what a compelling statement! Thanks for sharing, that really spoke to me. And let me add, the Players' Tribune has become an extraordinary website. It gives us as fans a unique opportunity to listen to the players we watch play. And as Korver himself explains so eloquently, listening needs...
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    Tom Brady: Support and Bankability

    Before this post gets totally submerged in the more serious conversation that followed, let's all just pause and recognize what an entirely apt and awesome typo this was. edit: perhaps a thread title? Tom Brady: Diety or Deity?
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    2019 Knicks: Living On A Prayer

    Yeah, I feel as thought the James Dolan factor might be getting underplayed here. How will players feel about playing for an organization run by an owner as... well, as Dolanian as James Dolan has shown himself to be? I imagine many players might not care. But a player as astute as Kyrie? A year...
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    Kyrie Irving: Hardwood Magician

    Kyrie Irving = Handle's Messiah? Or would it be Handles' Messiah? Handel's Messiah? We need to know this. No, on second thought, the correct answer is clear enough: Handles Messiah!
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    Fan-splaining Soccer: The no-dumb-questions WC thread

    Well, some would argue the event would become diluted. But probably the single biggest reason is because of the effect on the professional leagues (Premier League, Series A, La League, League Un, Bundesliga, etc.), where all the serious money is spent and earned. The professional teams' key...