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  1. hatchibombotar

    Spring Training

    Yes, yes, yes. Unlike DOB, he doesn't say what we can all plainly see, and leaves a little space in the broadcast. Seems to be building some chemistry with Remy too. So depressing to know the PBP status quo will be upon us soon.
  2. hatchibombotar

    Our ownership group

    I don't have an issue with how the ownership group has managed the team itself, including the most recent trade. But how they manage their cheeseball TV network -- which is how most of us see most games -- is an embarassment, and I'm always surprised it gets so little criticism on SoSH. I wish...
  3. hatchibombotar

    NLCS Game Thread- CHC VS NYM

    Dave Roberts is on his way to Wrigley with police escort.