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  1. cecil c

    6/15 at Balt. A win for Sale!

    live less than a two hour drive away. just got an amazing ticket - relatively wicked cheap - :). Let's Go!
  2. cecil c

    6/2 Sunday @ NYY

    Am listening on the radio. How bad (good for us) has Frazier been? The Nunez base-running thing is a distant memory.
  3. cecil c

    5/27 - JRod vs Porky

    There ya go!
  4. cecil c

    5/27 - JRod vs Porky

  5. cecil c

    5/26 - ERod vs Verlander - reverse lock please?

    Well no more games against Houston in the regular season.
  6. cecil c

    5/25 - Game On

    Sigh. Joe C saw him wince after a pitch but not sure if it's the elbow.
  7. cecil c

    Byerie Irving? Do you want Kyrie back?

    What if we are stuck with him for another year?
  8. cecil c

    Donating without Facebook

    So my check has been cashed. How does one get that dreaded 'lurker' status off?
  9. cecil c

    5/3 Bucks at Celtics Game 3

    So much for the hope that Kyrie would kick it up a notch in the playoffs after checking himself out from the last quarter of the season. Hope that spark from last year gets lit again next year without Kyrie.
  10. cecil c

    Donating without Facebook

    Would someone please PM me with to whom I am supposed to make a check out to for a donation for an auction item - (carton of toast) and where I should mail the check. Much TIA.
  11. cecil c

    Hi there. I bid on a Carton of Toast. I would like to send a check. Would you please tell me...

    Hi there. I bid on a Carton of Toast. I would like to send a check. Would you please tell me to whom to make the check out to and to whom to send the check to. Thank you (and if you do not know, would you please direct me to the person who would know).
  12. cecil c

    Auction Item: A Carton of Toast! Gummies + A Special Bonus!

    $550 still don't have the cure but... working in the right direction. If I win, pretty please just tell me where to send the check - TIA (and yes, i do understand that the check in itself is an electronic payment).
  13. cecil c

    Better off with him? Or without him? The Kyrie Irving poll:

    I’d try and move Brown/picks for Beal. Beal and Tatum are both St Louis kids and get along well. Those two and a healthy Hayward you could do worse with. No way. Brown has the potential to be a 'special' player. Beal (been watching him for a few years) is more like a healthier Avery Bradleyish...
  14. cecil c

    Celtics in 18-19

    Tatum $7.8 million MLE player ≈ $5.6 million Yabusele $3.1 million TimeLord $1.9 million Keep Tatum and TL. Why would you trade these two young guys for someone who doesn't want to play in Boston? I am looking forward to watching these two young men grow old in green.
  15. cecil c

    Donating without Facebook

    Is there a way to donate to SOSH with a check - to either the site or to a charity? TIA.
  16. cecil c

    Kyrie speculation

    It's no wonder that this team isn't jelling under Kyrie's leadership. He was given the opportunity and now he states that he might want to leave. Might be honest, but not a real inspirational quote to motivate your troops. At least we got three more quarters worth of basketball from KI than...
  17. cecil c

    AFC Championship Game - We’re on to Kansas City

    Edelman and Gronk this year!
  18. cecil c

    SoSH NFL Playoff Predictions 2019

    AFC: WC: HOU over IND LAC over BAL DIV: KC over LAC NE over HOU CONF: NE over KC NFC: WC: CHI over PHI SEA over DAL DIV: SEA over NO LAR over CHI CONF: SEA over LAR SB: NE over SEA