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  1. bradcote

    In Defense of All Frazees

    I wish the message board technology allowed us to "love" a post. So much goodness here.
  2. bradcote

    2019 Sox increasing ticket prices thread

    If they wanted to be truly transparent, they would show the tickets with the extra fees attached. Those are the silent killers.
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    When Dombrowski stops decimating the farm system, then you will see a better team.
  4. bradcote

    Anthony Davis: No Loyalty

    That is a very good point.
  5. bradcote

    Cutting The Cord on Cable/Satellite TV Service?

    NESN is leaving Playstation Vue as of 5pm tonight:
  6. bradcote

    No-Fee DVR

    You might want to look at a Channel Master. You can get their DVR box and hook a hard drive up to it. I used that to record over the air content.
  7. bradcote

    WEEI: Midday with the Big O (and Merloni and Fauria) NOW IN PM DRIVE TIME!

    This is awful...Dale and Keefe are the only show that I enjoy on WEEI, and now they are burying it during the midday? Ugh. I am not listening to WEEI anymore.
  8. bradcote

    WEEI: Midday with the Big O (and Merloni and Fauria) NOW IN PM DRIVE TIME!

    Lou is also bad on the Red Sox radio broadcasts. He always seems smug and acts like he is an expert on baseball. It drives me nuts when he is on the Red Sox broadcasts.
  9. bradcote

    Win Sox Tickets!

    Congratulations to ToeKneeArmAss! :)
  10. bradcote

    Win Sox Tickets!

    I completely agree...I enjoyed the articles on the 1967 Sox and the AL MVP race very much.
  11. bradcote

    Win Sox Tickets!

    Who ended up winning this?
  12. bradcote

    Win Sox Tickets!

    Did this work? Did you get a large number of submitted articles? I hope it gave you some content to work with! :)
  13. bradcote

    The 11th Annual Tommy John Surgery Contest

    OK, here are the rules, as per usual: -You can't pick someone that's already been picked. -The player has to be on a MLB active roster during the regular season (if they're in the minors it doesn't count.) -Put your choice in bold. My choice (with a very heavy heart): David Price, SP, BOS
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    Win Sox Tickets!

    Question...does an article need to be a hardcore, data-based article? Or can it be more of a short essay about a Red Sox related memory or more of a "softer" piece? This sounds very interesting, but I am far from a sabermetrician and I only want to contribute something that would be of...
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    Big Discounts on Celtics Team Shop

    I clicked the same link. I guess the Celtics Team Store doesn't have much love for the big and the beautiful.
  16. bradcote

    SnagIt alternatives?

    Greenshot is free and has worked well for me in the past.