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  1. NAR29996

    Bruins v Flames

    Power play looks good.
  2. NAR29996

    Bruins v Flames

    Didn't he help Lewiston ME win the Memorial Cup when they had a team in the Q? It was the President's Cup.
  3. NAR29996

    Bruins at Flames

    Douse the Flames.
  4. NAR29996

    2/9- B’s @ Red Wings

    Make them pay.
  5. NAR29996

    Bruins @ Penguins

  6. NAR29996

    Bruins @ Penguins

  7. NAR29996

    Bruins @ Penguins

  8. NAR29996

    Blue Jackets @ Bruins

    Too bad our guys suck at it.
  9. NAR29996

    Blue Jackets @ Bruins

    WTF, another give away down low.
  10. NAR29996

    Blue Jackets @ Bruins

  11. NAR29996

    Blue Jackets @ Bruins

    Is anyone else hearing the echo?
  12. NAR29996

    Bruins @ Devils

    Would have been a highlight reel goal if it had gone in.
  13. NAR29996

    Bruins vs Kings

  14. NAR29996

    Bruins vs Kings

    Let's just get that second point
  15. NAR29996

    Bruins @ Panthers

    A little snow shouldn't prevent someone from starting a new game thread.
  16. NAR29996

    Bruins vs Colorado

    Thank you.
  17. NAR29996

    Bruins @ New Jersey

    I like winning
  18. NAR29996

    Bruins vs Washington

    Nice shift
  19. NAR29996

    Bruins vs. Philly

    Oh, boy. A video review. What could go wrong?
  20. NAR29996

    Gordon Hayward 2020: C'mon baby, hold together!

    He can, apparently, catch a break with this team. How long might he be out?