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  1. sean1562

    Fangraphs profile of Red Sox system Felt like this article deserved some discussion and didnt see any threads where it would fit nicely. Durran seemed to be a positive development in our farm this year, so their review of his OF potential is pretty disappointing...
  2. sean1562

    September 2018 MLB Game thread

    New month new thread. Jurickson Profar 4 for 5 today with his 15th HR of the year. Actually really happy for the guy, seems like he is starting to put it all together after some of the worst injury luck I have ever seen. Nomar Mazara hit two HRs as well, bringing him up to 20 for the year
  3. sean1562

    Former and Future Cy Young winner Rick Porcello

    With all the haranguing over Price, JBJ, Nunez etc, I feel like our friend Rick Porcello deserves a thread of his own. After his mediocre season last year, he has really turned it around and is having himself a really solid year . 3.57 ERA through 111 innings, with an OPS of 1.000 to boot. I was...
  4. sean1562

    June 2018 MLB Game Thread

    It is June now so figured I would make another thread. Juan Soto 3-3 so far with a game tying solo HR in the 7th
  5. sean1562

    Does MLB Have an Umpire Problem?

    terrible ejection of Rendon today. he didnt even say anything! edit with new link