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  1. DJnVa

    NFL expanding playoffs; potentially adding 17th game

    This deserves own thread, maybe a dope can move some of the posts in Offseason thread over. EDIT: Added poll.
  2. DJnVa

    1/26 Eff the Pelicans

  3. DJnVa

    1/24 Eff the Magic

    Tacko Fall, who received PLAYER VOTES for the All Star Game, has been recalled.
  4. DJnVa

    2021 NBA Draft

    Here's an early 2021 primer: I find it interesting that the #1 guy on their list, Cade Cunningham, has his NBA comps as "Evan Turner or a right-handed, better shooting Ben...
  5. DJnVa

    1/22 Eff the Grizzlies

  6. DJnVa

    1/20 Eff the Lakers

  7. DJnVa

    Cora in line for major suspension?

    Hinch got 1 year, and Passan thinks Cora will get "far longer". A manager out that long--do we really want him as manager? View: Who can we possibly get for 2020 and potentially beyond?
  8. DJnVa

    POLL: Number of Titles

    Jumping off something in the Cincyfilmgate thread. Vote below.
  9. DJnVa

    All-MLB Teams Go vote. Or at least discuss here. I think Xander has a good shot at being the SS. I doubt anyone else makes it. Workman is on the RP list, which is cool.
  10. DJnVa

    11/17-Celtics @ Kings

    Double digit win streaks are the best. Let's keep this one going.
  11. DJnVa

    11/15-Celtics @ Warriors

    So, you think this is what ESPN was envisioning when they put this game on national TV tonight? Let's make it a perfect 10.
  12. DJnVa

    11/13-Celtics vs. Wizards

    Just win. LFG
  13. DJnVa

    New, bigger ads?

    Just started noticing today a big new banner ad at the top of the home screen and then one of those floating ads along the right hand side of the screen that actually sometimes covers up the "Latest Threads" box. Is this for everyone or is there something screwy going on?
  14. DJnVa

    11/11-Celtics vs. Mavericks

    Winning streaks are fun! 8 is great!
  15. DJnVa

    11/9-Celtics @ Spurs

    LFG Jaylen: "Can't wait for people to see how much better I've gotten."
  16. DJnVa

    11/7-Celtics @ Hornets

    So, winning streaks are fun.
  17. DJnVa

    11/5-Celtics @ Cavs

    Let's keep the streak alive.
  18. DJnVa

    Maine Red Claws: Tacko, Tremont, and Romeo

    Romeo officially assigned to Maine View:
  19. DJnVa

    11/1-Celtics vs. Knicks

    How about a big first half lead, continue it through the 3rd quarter and get lots of PT for Carsen and Green tonight? Sounds like a plan.
  20. DJnVa

    10/30-Celtics vs. Bucks

    Bring it Freak.