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  1. cgori

    Recommend me a 55-65 inch TV

    Alternately use a receiver as the HDMI switch, or a soundbar with multiple HDMI ins.
  2. cgori

    Recommend me a 55-65 inch TV

    I would buy them from Monoprice - 18Gbps and 28AWG is basically golden. You can get CL2 jackets if you are running in-wall stuff. Their 3-ft premium HDMI is $4.65, and a 3-pack of 6-footers is $9.98 so it's not like this is breaking the bank.
  3. cgori

    Recommend me a 55-65 inch TV

    Yes. I had a 50" Pioneer Elite plasma (Panasonic took over this panel factory for Viera sets), and replaced it with a 65" Sony OLED (same panel as LG, different processor) after 10+ years. Black levels are great and so far motion (sports) has been great too, that's mostly what I watch on it...
  4. cgori

    Will He Still Hate Me? The XFL Game Thread

    I’m a one-time season ticket holder for this illustrious franchise! Take us to the promised land!
  5. cgori

    Windows 10 updates you need to apply

    You're right. For me (win10 1909, x64) it was KB4528760. Table is here I got KB4532938 as well today and got mixed up.
  6. cgori

    Windows 10 updates you need to apply

    Maybe, but this is the first time they've ever done this kind of reporting, or at least that is what is claimed.
  7. cgori

    Windows 10 updates you need to apply

    We don't have a thread to notify people of urgent patches, or at least not that I could find, so I figured I would start one. Other people who know about such things, feel free to reply in this thread. I got sent notice from 2-3 sources today that this one is very high priority to apply...
  8. cgori

    New WiFi router or Mesh network

    @johnmd20 not sure exactly what your setup is from that description, but just a note of caution: if you have modem <-> switch <-> router <-> rest of house and the xbox/sling/desktop are attached to the switch, then they are effectively outside any firewalling protection provided by your router...
  9. cgori

    The cable inside my laptop that connects to its monitor has come loose....

    I'm assuming it's not under warranty anymore - if it is, find a place to have them fix it. Usually these are ribbon cables or other flexible-connector type of things. That means it'll be either trivial (replug it in, works great) or impossible (some subtle failure in the connector that you...
  10. cgori

    Liverpool 2019-2020: Let's Talk About Six, Baby

    I found this a really amusing swap, probably more than I should.
  11. cgori

    iPhone 11 FYI, I think that one is 12W or 12.1W (so ~2.4A @ 5V), the thing I am wondering about is this 18W USB-C brick with a USB-C to lightning cable, which would suggest you could get 3.6A @ 5V through lightning, but there might be...
  12. cgori

    iPhone 11

    I think (?) that is because USB-C with PD can do much higher power delivery (20V @ 5A for USB-C PD, vs Lightning which I think caps out 5V @ 2A, but I know there is some weirdness with USB-C to Lightning cables that might go higher) which is good for charging up big batteries as you would have...
  13. cgori

    iPhone 11

    I doubt that it'll be USB-C. Apple likes the lock-in of their own connector, and the control they have over the "standard" such as it is, and then they make (made? in 2015 this was true so could be less now) $4 per connector in MFi fees which isn't chump change.
  14. cgori

    iPhone 11

    Be careful/gentle - I messed up the lightning port on a previous phone doing this. I think I bent or deflected one of the pins.
  15. cgori

    2019 Stanford Football: Who %#*^in’ Knows?

    To me, no, not at all. He basically presided over a really great (almost historically great for this program) 8-10 year stretch and just had a year completely overwhelmed by injuries. I lost count of how many O-lineman we lost early this year, plus QBs and DBs. Yes his playcalling is oddly...
  16. cgori

    iPod FM Transmitter for car: Is this still a thing?

    I'm very confused. You are using the 30pin-to-USB cable again, and it works, and the volume on the iPod somehow matters? That makes no sense at all to me, since your iPod should not even be applying volume to the USB isochronous data, the car stereo should be doing that. (Also using the...
  17. cgori

    Recommend me a 55-65 inch TV

    Agree with this, on my 3rd day of an OLED, coming from a decade+ of plasma - the deep black is insane. Motion also no problem so far, but the real test will be football this weekend. I'm more annoyed at how compressed the Comcast signal is than anything else, I'm probably going to have to...
  18. cgori

    Recommend me a 55-65 inch TV

    FYI - LG 65C9 was down to ~$2100 at a local but cheap authorized retailer place near me, I was cross-shopping it against the Sony 65A9G. If you have some price-match thing you might be able to get some $$$ back, if you can find someone in your neck of the woods that is lower down in price.
  19. cgori

    home assistant/ifttt

    If you do facebook, this group is semi-useful for this sort of stuff (it is SmartThings-centric but Home Assistant / IFTTT interplay comes up a fair bit): Also this group for, which I believe interfaces to HomeAssistant, but lots of...
  20. cgori

    l'affaire Vardy, a/k/a WAGatha Christie

    Because it's hilarious. They are both the wives/girlfriends of English soccer stars. It says a lot to me about the state of culture (& also the sickening tabloid press in the UK) that somehow "who did what on insta to me" is a big deal, even in some narrow way.