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  1. Stanley Steamer

    Bullpen Analytics and the Three-Batter Rule

    A little pot may be just the thing
  2. Stanley Steamer

    Are they done moving salary?

    This is where I'm at. They made the move they had to. From here forward, any move can be made with an eye to improving the team, and nothing more than that. They have a few needs before the season, for which they'll find affordable solutions. They can shed salary and aim for draft picks if...
  3. Stanley Steamer

    Betts/Price to LA for Verdugo/Jeter Downs/TBA

    After reading through a lot of good posts, I want to second this one. There is no reason to disbelieve that Henry et al have the best interests of the club at heart. They have a long track record of success, and deserve our faith. He spends money, and likely would have given Mookie a large chunk...
  4. Stanley Steamer

    Emotional Rescue: or How I Learned to Love the Sox After They Traded Mookie

    Though I consider puns, not sarcasm, the lowest form of humor, nonetheless I must say, well done sir.
  5. Stanley Steamer

    Sox talking Mookie trade with Dodgers, Padres - News & Discussion

    I'm down with JBJ. I love Mookie Betts, but I love the Red Sox more. This isn't about John Henry's money but about the competitive disadvantage they are facing. I'm glad they are doing due diligence and I will hope for the best.
  6. Stanley Steamer

    2019-20 Championship- Now with 100% less Pig.

    Watching Leeds this morning, and they are behind a goal to QPR that would've been disallowed by VAR had it been in place. Regardless, it's more of the same. Good possession, nice overlapping runs, and absolutely no end product. Everyone knows they need a striker (or two) but the club can't get...
  7. Stanley Steamer

    2019-20 Championship- Now with 100% less Pig.

    It wouldn't be football if they treated everybody the same way each time. Thanks for the 2 cents.
  8. Stanley Steamer

    2019-20 Championship- Now with 100% less Pig.

    DH, what's up with Chansiri? First, suspected impropriety with the purchase of Hillsborough, now injecting $ to the team via sponsors that aren't active companies. You guys are looking more and more like (old) Leeds all the time. Still, too much investment is always preferable to not enough.
  9. Stanley Steamer

    EPL 12/14-16: lIvERpOOl gEtS aLL tHE vAr cAlLs

    Dunc said it was to waste time, making another sub.
  10. Stanley Steamer

    RIP David Stern

    That seems cold.
  11. Stanley Steamer

    Red Sox sign Martin Perez

    I like the mystery of it all. In order to get a good team under budget, he has to shop the bargain bin, yet still find value, which can be production, or return in trade. I'm hopeful Bloom is finding skill where we can't see it. Some will make good, some will fail. What will be the sum of it?
  12. Stanley Steamer

    VAR What is it good for? Nice quotes from plain-speaking Sheffield United manager Chris Wilder. You can say what you will about how his goalie or team stopped playing upon seeing the linesman's flag last night, but he is direct in speaking about how this new technology is...
  13. Stanley Steamer

    2019 NFL Week 12 Game Thread

    They should just run Goff up the middle for the rest of the game.
  14. Stanley Steamer

    2019 NFL Week 12 Game Thread

    This shouldn't take long. 28-6.
  15. Stanley Steamer

    2019 NFL Week 12 Game Thread

    They have failed in the red zone totally this year.
  16. Stanley Steamer

    2019 NFL Week 12 Game Thread

    Seriously. They are a different team this year. D is about the same. I keep thinking the Boy Genius will be able to make adjustments, but he may be a one trick pony. Goff has always looked too slow to me, and Gurley looks as good as cooked.