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  1. Vinho Tinto

    2017 Summer Transfers Rumors and Confirmations

    Spanish media saying Casillas to Liverpool. Portuguese media speculating Marco Silva will sign with Porto. Pepe's contract is up. He really wants to stay; but PSG, Inter, and China will be looking to get him to move.
  2. Vinho Tinto

    Summer 2016 Transfer Rumors

    Who will ante up for James? Who will be graced with Zlatanlightenment? Is Gaitan actually getting sold for real for real?
  3. Vinho Tinto

    NBC Retains EPL: 6 Years

    Per NYT   Interested in the $ details.
  4. Vinho Tinto


    Confirmed by John Skipper.   I wonder if he will replace Mike Francesa on FS1. I expect he will host some NFL show like he did for ESPN.
  5. Vinho Tinto

    Surf's Up: Summer 2015 Transfer Rumors

    With the season just about over, the rumors are starting to sprout like weeds. There is no crazy Ronaldo/Bale/Neymar-sized deal pending, but a lot name players and managers are expected to swap clubs.The following are already getting their names published in rumor rags:   Klopp Ancelotti...
  6. Vinho Tinto

    Baby It's Cold Outside: The January Window

    Even on my honeymoon, I can't escape the January rumors. My team will finally sell Enzo Perez to Valencia and once again loan Nelson Oliveira out (Swansea). There's talk of bringing back Markovic on a loan. Also, Koke to Chelsea and Podolski to Inter? Let's post rumors and news here.
  7. Vinho Tinto

    Alexi Lalas Leaves ESPN for FOX

    Details here.   Role to be determined. States that the World Cup was not a factor in the switch (Straight cash homie). 
  8. Vinho Tinto

    2014 Summer Holiday Transfer News and Speculation

    Let's start off with the Monaco job opening. Over the past week, there was heavy speculation that Monaco was looking at name coaches such as Arsene Wenger, Antonio Conte, and Jorge Jesus. Now, a lesser known manager may have applied pen to paper. Leonardo Jardim is rumored to have landed the job...
  9. Vinho Tinto

    Kirk and Callahan: Done

    Per the doctrine above. Place all of your observations of perceived racism, right wing lunacy, or lack of sports talk here .