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  1. SocrManiac

    8-Feb: I was wrong, I have something to do this weekend

    Theo injured after providing an assist, now his sub doesn’t have his gear. What the fuck is with profession players not being ready to answer the manager’s call?
  2. SocrManiac

    EPL Winter Break - I have nothing to do this weekend

    Klopp wins his fifth manager of the month award (this year). Seemed like Klopp was arguing against it, but look at the club’s fixture list and results. LFC’s run is absolutely insane. Raheem is out for a few weeks. His form hasn’t been the greatest, so a break isn’t the worst thing in the...
  3. SocrManiac

    1/18-1/19 Game Thread

    A fun to watch Watford and a hard to figure Spurs kick us off. Are Tottenham fans sick of watching Son go down blind alleys and taking shots from bad positions with open teammates yet? I don’t like Spurs and it drives me nuts.
  4. SocrManiac

    Champions League - Round of 16 Draw

    I know nothing about Lyon, but my gut is that Juventus could have done worse. I think Liverpool match up well against what I perceive to be a struggling Atletico side. Looking forward to seeing Chelsea's defense against The Bayern Lewandowskis.
  5. SocrManiac

    Racism in the game

    I'm posting in the hopes that we can keep this civil and that it doesn't belong in V&N. I think the group we have here has had great discussions and we can handle ourselves with a level of decorum and dignity. If this is inappropriate, I apologize. FIFA has been working on a number of programs...
  6. SocrManiac

    Matchweek 2 - Starring Sideshow Bob and Sideshow Mel

    Seriously, one of these guys needs to cut his hair.
  7. SocrManiac

    3/3 Weekend Game Thread

    i have Burnley/Everton on in the background while I play with our toddler. I missed the goal, though I was in the room. Not a lot to hold my attention to it...
  8. SocrManiac

    2/10 Weekend Gamethread

    NBC has the match of the weekend on CNBC this morning while people in warm clothes battle slippery surfaces on the main channel. I’m guessing they wanted to separate the divers from the Winter Olympics so there was no confusion about Spurs competing for a medal.
  9. SocrManiac

    Leicester 2017-2018 - Every fair from fair sometime declines

    Shakespeare has been sacked. Maybe the managers aren’t the problem? With the team so wildly overperforming over such a long period (long enough to win the league), how long until expectations can be managed at a reasonable level? The team just isn’t as good as ownership demands and the managers...
  10. SocrManiac

    9/9-9/10 Gamethread

    Sterling is out for celebrating. Delicious.
  11. SocrManiac

    2017 Tour De France

    We had a thread for last year’s big bike race. Stage 4 of this year’s event just completed and, well, wow. Race officials initially gave World Champion (and Epic Douchebag Model) Peter Sagan a 30 second GC penalty for his role in a crash that seems to have ended Mark Cavendish’s participation...
  12. SocrManiac

    St. Patrick's Weekend Gamethread

    Arsenal defending their way to a goal down early. Cech looked to be going for a punch around his own head level which means he was way behind the play. He's looking shaky these days.
  13. SocrManiac

    Ranieri sacked

    Seemed worthy of its own thread. He's stubbornly stuck to the guys that won him the title. He lost one of the most important players in the league. Do you fire a guy that did what he did less than a year removed from his triumph?
  14. SocrManiac

    Officiating Catch-All

    As good a place as any to discuss controversial decisions, video replay, and anything else referee-related that comes up. First on the menu... Clattenburg is set to quit before the next round of fixtures. He's citing frustration with management, but is it really just the rumors of a payday in...
  15. SocrManiac

    2/11-2/12 Weekend

    Hull feeding Sanchez in their own box and trickling a cross through Cech's box... end to end at 7:30AM!
  16. SocrManiac

    2/4-2/5 weekend

    i can't reconcile Courtois's nose with his profession. How is that thing still intact?
  17. SocrManiac

    12/13-12/14: Midweek games that count!

    Karius dropped, Mignolet starts. Thank fuck. Never thought I'd type any of that.
  18. SocrManiac

    Corporate malware solutions - MalwareBytes vs.

    Howdy folks, We're looking into utilizing unspent budget for IT security. The company has about 65 computers. It's a 24/7 manufacturing operation. The overall competence level of the user base is relatively low. We use SEP to protect our servers, desktops, and laptops. Every employee goes...
  19. SocrManiac

    Footy broadcasting - What do we have?

    I realize this could go in the media forum, but given the related video games land here I figured we're in our own little world. I wanted to give my personal snapshot of the current state of soccer broadcasting in the States. It's come a long way from watching VHS tapes in the 80's to having a...
  20. SocrManiac

    April Villa Fools' Gamethread

    Can Villa just be sent down now?