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    MLB sends memo to teams laying out new steps to curb intentional HBP’s

    You dont need to go that far back for batters throwing bats:
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    February NHL News

    Isnt a "late" hit essentially "dirty" though? If you agree that there probably should have been a penalty, then you admit it was wrong. If you're taking the angle that it wasnt overtly malicious or intending to do harm to call it "not dirty", then that's just a matter of some grey area as to...
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    MLB’s sign-stealing controversy broadens: Sources say the Red Sox used video replay room illegally in 2018

    Would jawbone, or bone conduction earphones be a better option to a traditional earpiece? They can be integrated into the band of baseball style hats.
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    Coaching Attention Challenged Kids

    This is a great thread an I'm glad it got started and has had so many responses. I coach U10 hockey and 4 of the 11 kids on my roster are medicated for some reason or another so I find myself struggling with this during practices and games. I've found myself going through the same motions as...
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    Worst Coach Stories

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    Practice time usage: to scrimmage or not? Whadda say?

    Very interesting topic for me. I got tagged to be the head coach for my son's hockey team this year. It's the C level team at the Squirt level, so I'm going to have the returning Squirts that still need a good amount of basic fundamentals work as well as the Mites coming up to play full ice...
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    Baseball Is Broken (on the field, proposed rule changes, attendance, etc.)

    So if this were more stringently enforced, do you think there would be potential for the catcher to delay things if he felt his pitcher/team/etc needed a few more moments? Adjusting equipment before throwing it back, inspecting ball and unnecessarily asking for a new one, standing up to relay...
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    NHL Eastern Conference Semis

    Mrazek listed as "day to day" and "good news". He skated off without appearances of severe injury/discomfort/etc. His backup seemed competent enough, and was certainly tested plenty. I thought he was a bit less standard on his angles and positioning, but it could just be a style difference...
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    Stupid Things I Can't Figure Out

    Had some recent fraudulent activity on my CC so I'm updating all my recurring payments for various subscriptions and shit. Cant seem to find how I can change my SoSH billing for my account.
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    AUCTION ITEM: Original Artwork of Manny Delcarmen, signed by Manny Delcarmen

    TAMR - Which one did you go with? As an interested party, when does the auction close?
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    AUCTION ITEM: Manny will do your voice mail message

    That sounds like a different auction.
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    AUCTION ITEM: Original Artwork of Manny Delcarmen, signed by Manny Delcarmen

    The piece you did for Farvin is absolutely amazing and this is a great reason to dig deep. $500
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    AUCTION ITEM: MDC's red socks (worn)

    I was also planning on framing them :-). My wife was going to be so confused.
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    AUCTION ITEM: MDC's red socks (worn)

    I'll be honest, this is not how I saw this going
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    AUCTION ITEM: MDC's red socks (worn)

    Oh now it’s on! ;-p $40
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    AUCTION ITEM: MDC's red socks (worn)

    I see what you did there. ;-P
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    AUCTION ITEM: MDC's red socks (worn)

    I feel like I should pony up for this with my name and all. $25
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    Apple Watch Wireless Charging

    @Seven Costanza - That's certainly neat, but I'd like to actually find an alarm clock that can wirelessly charge her watch if possible. I found a couple but they're a little more pricey than I was looking for. This one is Apple specific and has a little Apple Watch doohickey on the side, but...
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    Apple Watch Wireless Charging

    Unfortunately that is not also an alarm clock.
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    Apple Watch Wireless Charging

    My wife has a new series 3 Apple Watch and an old alarm clock she hates. I'm trying to find something that will serve as a new alarm clock and allow her to more conveniently charge her watch. My quick googling says a lot about Apple's wireless charging being somewhat proprietary, but I've...