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  1. soxfaninyankeeland

    Week 36 - the pen-penultimatum

    Try to think about how much easier it will get for you to get tickets!
  2. soxfaninyankeeland

    If You Want Big Air, Pull My Finger - Ski and Ride 23-24

    16" Wednesday-Friday yielded the nicest two days I've seen in years at Mount Snow, tons of fluffy beautiful snow Saturday and Sunday that only got better as the grooming got cut up. The only closed trails on the main face were due to a bear and her cubs occasionally popping out of their den...
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    Match Week 29/FA Cup Quarter Finals - and will The Rovers Return?

    That last 15 minutes was about as entertaining as this game can be. American with the winner!
  4. soxfaninyankeeland

    US, Canada, Mexico win joint bid for 2026 World Cup

    Your group stage price is correct. They rose about 20% for R16/QF then rise substantially higher for SF/F. We went to a bunch or R16 and QF games in ‘22 and, once you factored in the fees for the ticket resale portal, my average cost per game was $208. Excellent point about the breadth of the...
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    GW 19: Boxing Day and following

    Darwin’s xG in this game cannot be measured with existing technology.
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    Everton 23-24: You Don’t Own Me (Yet)

    Today’s League Cup match was entertaining enough, right up until THE WORST PK A PROFESSIONAL HAS EVER TAKEN.
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    You just made my Thanksgiving! 35 years later, those now adult nieces and nephews still love telling the story of Uncle John’s pit stop in the woods behind the Hanover Mall. Happy Thanksgiving!
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    Euro 2024

    I’ll be applying for tickets. I’m loathe to say “I’m going” as I’ve had tickets to the ‘16 and ‘20 Euro but life conspired to keep me away both times. Extra incentive this time: partying with @candylandriots on a 4th continent.
  9. soxfaninyankeeland

    RIP MikeF

    I’m one who stopped by to meet Mike at ST. He was gracious, kind and much more interested in learning about me than he was in being thanked for his funny, informative and at times irreverent ST posts. Those posts were a first robin of spring for me and I’m sure many others. Condolences to his...
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    Florio: Pash ordered PSI readings “expunged” in 2015

    That article doesn’t state that Vincent was present during the review nor does it contain a “We want that to be a catch” quote.
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    Week 11 - time for some socially distanced aggro

    I don’t understand why Sheffield #12 didn’t just haul Vardy down outside the area.
  12. soxfaninyankeeland

    Favorite Brady Game

    Yes! Because despite being defending champs, we still lived in a world where 27-6 third quarter deficits and 30-19 deficits with three minutes to go were called “losses”. The failed two point conversion after the TD that made it 30-25 actually contributed to the win, as on the ensuing drive the...
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    2019 NFL Week 16 Game Thread

    I wonder if Mr. and Mrs. Goff considered and discounted the negative implications of giving their child the first initial “J”.
  14. soxfaninyankeeland

    Champions League - Matchday 5 - November 26th and 27th

    Thanks to the world’s greatest concierge, I will be attending the Barcelona-Borussia match tonight. Eff Thanksgiving with my extended family!
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    Euro 2020, Baku to Bilbao to Budapest. Anyone going?

    I have tickets to final group game in Munich (Group E? Can’t remember) 6/24, and round of 16 games in Amsterdam (6/27) and Glasgow (6/30).
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    Another Surgery for Pedey

    The 3/31 he compiled in his 9 games during the last two seasons dropped him to a .299 lifetime hitter. That sucks.
  17. soxfaninyankeeland

    Don Newcombe, RIP

    Willie Mays is now the only living player who appeared in that game.
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    World Cup Tickets

    Ideally from my perspective we would attend some group's final game, some combination of the 7/1 and 7/3 round of 16 games in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the 7/6 quarterfinal in Nizhny Novgorod (260 miles shortest possible hung over travel distance) and one of our applications will be for semi...