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  1. tims4wins

    Box Score Surprises

    Good catches
  2. tims4wins

    Box Score Surprises

    Right. By definition it would have to be a hit or HBP, then a hit or HBP to the next guy, then a home run, on 3 consecutive pitches (prior to the auto-IBB era).
  3. tims4wins

    Box Score Surprises

    Ah sorry missed the last line.
  4. tims4wins

    Box Score Surprises

    How many instances are there of 3 ER on 3 pitches??
  5. tims4wins

    ESPN Top 100

    Plus, the majority of Jeter’s fame is due to the 90s. Kind of like Pedro.
  6. tims4wins

    SOSH Equivalents

    I actually had this thought earlier today while reading through the praise for posters thread (aka, RIP rovin romine). This place is 100% unique and amazing.
  7. tims4wins

    Ballpark food 2024: Would you eat this?
  8. tims4wins

    2024 NBA Summer League - The Baylor and Bronny version

    We doing Celts summer league game thread in here, new thread, or in the game threads forum?
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    Celtics Trade Timelord, Brogdon, and picks for Jrue Holiday

    I was very much on this train as well. Especially after watching basically the first preseason game.
  10. tims4wins

    That was then: Celebrating what was

    Even if they won the Super Bowl, their last what like 9 games were fairly uninspiring. 31-20 divisional win - they won the divisional round by way more in a lot of other years over better teams than that Jags team. Meh AFC title win over a good not great Chargers team with a broken Phil Rivers...
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    Da’Rique Wheat Re-Signs for Cheap

    Swipe right View:
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    The WNBA: Thread II

    8-4 in their last 12 and it should really be 9-3. If they keep this up they'll get to mid-table by the end of the year and have a legit chance to win a playoff series. That would be huge for the W.
  13. tims4wins

    Sox at NYY July 6

    Bad route?
  14. tims4wins

    July: Red Sox discussion, observations and trend tracking...AKA It's not all about the Benjamins

    I can’t believe the Sox are only 4 back in the L column on July 5. Hope that number is even smaller come Monday.
  15. tims4wins

    USMNT Summer 2024: Beauty is in the Eye of the Berhalter

    Yeah goodnight. Would love to wake up to good news but feels… unlikely.
  16. tims4wins

    USMNT Summer 2024: Beauty is in the Eye of the Berhalter

    5 minutes ago we needed a goal to get through. Ok, so we still do.
  17. tims4wins

    USMNT Summer 2024: Beauty is in the Eye of the Berhalter

    It’s been said for like 3-4 hours now but where does a goal come from tonight?