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  1. Foxy42

    Team USA 2024

    Tatum w all his points by powering to the hoop. Love it.
  2. Foxy42

    Team USA 2024

    Ant has a negative play to offset every positive play. Haliburton looks out of place. Rough 1st.
  3. Foxy42

    2024 Bruins Off Season News - Everyone Else But the Center

    Schedule is out. Black Friday game at 6pm is a disgrace. Two of the most exciting kids to see in the game (Bedard and Hughes) making their only Boston visits in the last 2 games of the season sucks also...end of complaint...
  4. Foxy42

    The Bill Simmons Thread

    I think Ryen is much better on his own show with guests he finds interesting. Ex college guys, authors, etc as well as Life Advice which I always enjoy. My sense is that he doesn’t enjoy being on with Bill when he has to play with Bill’s random rankings, frameworks, etc. He comes off as annoyed...
  5. Foxy42

    Green Zinger Tea - Kristaps Porziņģis 2023-24

    Damn he looked bad in person. I’m the first half he never jumped, then he opened it up more in the 3rd quarter. Major props for him gutting it out! The joy he brought to being a Celtic is fully reciprocated by the fan base.
  6. Foxy42

    NBA Finals, Game 5, June 17: Banner Day>Flag Day

    Zinger looks awful in person. He shouldn’t play another minute. He’s not jumping at all
  7. Foxy42

    2024 US Open - Pinehurst No. 2

  8. Foxy42

    How worried are you about Celtics closing this out?

    The Florida Panthers were up 3-0 going into game four tonight. They lost 8-1. That’s significantly more extreme than a 38 point loss in basketball. Yet since I am not emotionally invested in that series, I can see it for what it is and have no doubt that Florida wins the series. C’s will win...
  9. Foxy42

    The Bill Simmons Thread

    Cousin Sal saying all Ringer employees get a 3% raise and an autographed camouflage Russillo sweatshirt if the C’s win was gold…
  10. Foxy42

    RIP Bill Walton

    Sat in the stands near Walton about 25 years ago. During every break in play he shook hands and signed anything out in front of him. Jovial, warm and authentic. So great when one of your sports heroes exceeds all expectations when you are lucky enough to see them away from the cameras.
  11. Foxy42

    5/21 - ECF G1 vs. IND - Redemption on the Parquet

    Tatum is not a good 3 pt shooter. It’s amazing that he plays like he is.
  12. Foxy42

    Game 5 - Do not go gentle into that good night.

    Goddamn! Love it. Had to play catch up on DVR and then read the game thread start to back. Don’t let us win Friday!
  13. Foxy42

    Round 2 Bruins-Panthers

    Feels good to be the underdog and wake up feeling positive that we split the first two.
  14. Foxy42

    Game 1 - The Payback

    Finally caught up on DVR. Who are these guys! What a showing!
  15. Foxy42

    Game 7 - We Win

    Wow wow wow. Amazing how different the future is w a W vs an L here. This is the first playoff game in two seasons that I didn’t attend. Kid had a game and I didn’t want to leave it early.
  16. Foxy42

    The Bill Simmons Thread

    Apparently the Zane Lowe Apple Music interview / video w PJ is tremendous. I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet.
  17. Foxy42

    Game 6 at Toronto

    I bet on Toronto to win. It is all I can do to contribute my bad luck to ensure that the Bruins prevail
  18. Foxy42

    Round 1 Bruins-Leafs

    Ullmark. The rotation / associated rest is part of what makes them both good. If you go w Swayman, it’s got to be for games 6 AND 7. Whereas if they go Ullmark and there’s a Game 7, the move to Swayman in 7 is not a panic move. We have a rested Sway.
  19. Foxy42

    ECQF Game 5: 4/30/24 vs. Tarranna

    Horrific gutless effort. Two shots in the first. Pasta making Tony Mazz look correct. I’m pissed.