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    All of this trade deadline talk and nobody has called asking for Sandoval...
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    So we're totally getting him.
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    David Ortiz will retire at end of 2016 season.

    I actually thought the same thing. Papi isn't dumb and does not want to be remembered as anything less than great. He could hang on and stat pad if he wanted to but I think he stands a better HOF chance if he goes out on top.
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    David Ortiz will retire at end of 2016 season.

    The guy changed the fortunes of our franchise forever. He made it "cool" to be a Sox fan anywhere in the country. I live in the south and travel a bunch all over and get Big Papi commentary, mostly all for the good, anywhere I wear my Sox hat. As a fan it has been an awesome feeling to always...
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    Bradley: Deal with It.

    I truly believe the way that the situation plays out is that they will trade either Hanley or Panda and the other one plays 3B. JBJ, Betts, and Rusney will be the starting OF in 16. 
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    Red Sox announce Dave Dombrowski is their new president of baseball operations.

    I have a hard time believing that they don't at least give JF a chance to come back and manage this team if he's healthy. I think the players would be pissed if they fired him while on medical leave for cancer.
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    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

      Comedy Gold right there.
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    Thank you, Mike Napoli!

    I have tried to find the words to write about this for a few days now. Napoli was, hands down, my favorite of the '13 bunch. He loved being in Boston which was endearing in and of itself. He hit some huge bombs for us. When he was hot he drove in runs in bunches. He played 1B better than I could...
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    Will Red Sox-Yankees ever be the same?

    People keep pointing to the 2007 WS win for the Sox as the end of the bitter rivalry and I find that to be true the more I think about it. At first glance one might say 2004 just because we had to beat them, the way we did, to get the first one in forever. As I sit back and think about it more...
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    Will Red Sox-Yankees ever be the same?

    Two of the highest profile teams. Two of the highest payrolls each year. Two of the most rabid fanbases in sports. Give us a couple of years of both teams being loaded and very good at the same time and you'll have your rivalry back. In the past 7-8 years I've actually hated the Rays more than...
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    Pedro Martinez Memories

    Just got back to the good ol' south after an awesome long weekend in Cooperstown. It was a thrill to be there for Pedro's induction and certainly something I'll never forget.   My favorite in-person Pedro moment was May 18, 2002 at Fenway vs. the Mariners. A buddy of mine and I had flown up from...
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    Thank you, Shane Victorino

    Love the way he plays. He's my daughter's favorite player. I knew it was gonna happen but can't help but be a little sad to see him go. ALCS game 6 is an all time classic. Best of luck with the Angels.
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    The Book of Pedro: Q&A with Mike Silverman

    Mike, thanks for the time and for helping make this book about my all-time favorite Red Sox happen.   I always got the sense that he and Schill never really got along and wondered if Pedro addressed that much with you. Was it simply 'this is the guy they're bringing in to replace me so I'm...
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    Any info on the ring ceremony?

    After the game on NESN they said that the pictures/description of the rings wouldn't be made public until after the presentation and insinuated that even the guys in the team had no idea what to expect. I'm just guessing the ring will be Boston Strong themed. Like the 617 jersey maybe?
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    David Ortiz Extended!

    This is exactly right. The deal makes a ton of sense in that it only keeps him past 2015 if he is still getting the PAs which he'll only get if he's putting up the numbers. If that's the case then I don't see how anyone can look at this as anything but a win for the team.   Having said that...
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    David Ortiz Extended!

    Glad to see this finally get done. I think we've officially heard the last of the Ortiz/Sox contract gripe. Without knowing exactly what the vesting criteria is for the 2016 option it's a little tough to comment on that but I'm sure it's reasonable for both sides. As far as the 2017 club option...
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    Granderson meets the Mets!

    Absurd. Totally absurd.
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    The Picture/Video Thread

    Has anyone found a version of Mission October online? Missed the original airing and Fox Sports 1 doesn't seem to be re-airing it anytime soon. Thanks I second this request. I know one of you hoodlums can make this happen. Btw, this is still up outside the press box at Fenway as of two days...
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    The Picture/Video Thread

    Here's a few shots from the parade. Credit to my dad for getting up early and getting a great spot to snap some pics from.
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    So heres my question: I have an iPhone 3GS and a kindle fire. I already get MLB extra innings on Directv but I am considering buying the MLB At Bat 12 for the two devices I listed earlier. Will I have to buy it twice or can I buy it once and use it on both devices? If so, how? The main reason I...