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    Blaine Lacher Passes Away

    He had a Hall of Fame nickname - "Lach Ness Monster". RIP
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    2017 Broncos: Elway changed coaches like socks lol who is the QB

    Mark Schlereth has been beating this drum for a while. He, like some others, thinks Belichick will move on from Brady if he shows signs of decline this season. And that Brady to Denver will be the next shoe to drop if Tom leaves Foxborough. Unfortunately, it makes sense.
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    ESPN Is Pathetic

    I don't know why this isn't brought up more. 10 players protested in one way or another last year. 9 of them are playing this season. The one guy that isn't also: 1. Wore the police pig socks. 2. Sent a tweet comparing modern day police to slave catchers. 3. Praised Castro and told Cuban...
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    Big changes at CSNNE and

    Yup. I posted this in another thread a while back - a buddy of mine hosts the pregame and postgame radio show for for an AL West team (and he's the top TV fill-in guy when needed). He makes less than $40K a year. His wife pretty much supports him. If he quit tomorrow, they'd have 1000...
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    Jerry Remy's Cancer Has Returned

    Here's the Studio 54 talk....
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    Week 1 Game Thread

    C'mon, you're acting like he kept his job just because of his cancer diagnosis. That's crazy. That never happens in sports.
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    Greg Bedard's - Boston Sports Journal

    Today is the 48th day of the BSJ and Bedard said they're at 5,000 subscriptions. Greg also announced they hired Miguel Benzan who does such an incredible job with his PatsCap site. Miguel already has an article about the practice squad players and their salaries.
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    That was then: Celebrating what was

    My brother calls him "Rango". I'm with the rest of the crowd here. Really enjoyed DYJ2 (watched it twice) but didn't like it quite as much as the first one. And yeah, some of the narrative seemed slightly forced.
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    That was then: Celebrating what was

    Chris Price of Boston Sports Journal has already seen Do Your Job 2 and America's Game. If you're a subscriber to BSJ, this short article is worth checking out. No real spoilers, just some snippets like how Edelman compared he and Brady to a pair of dolphins because of their "shared sonar".
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    That was then: Celebrating what was

    America's Game Preview Do Your Job 2 Preview
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    Big changes at CSNNE and

    He's been filling in for Patrick for years. I remember watching Curran interview Cam Newton on Dan Patrick's show after Newton pulled off a huge Auburn.
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    Julian Edelman Watch: BurgerTyme Closed for Business

    El Pres texted him last night and Edelman replied right away with "Minor setback for a major comeback". Then Portnoy said the two engaged in a "cliche-off" ("Tough times don't last tough people do, etc...").
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    Julian Edelman Watch: BurgerTyme Closed for Business

    Spin Zone - This is just gonna reinforce Brady's argument as the greatest ever when he wins another Super Bowl without his favorite target.
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    Julian Edelman Watch: BurgerTyme Closed for Business

    This is what he gets for having a Corona the other night. <ducking> But seriously, this sucks. Fucking preseason......I hope Rag is right if it is an ACL.
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    2017 Pats Training Camp

    Fwiw, Chris Price in the Boston Sports Journal posted a few paragraphs on the report and he pretty much dismisses it too. Because it's a pay site I won't quote anything other than this: Yes, I realize it's a source "close to Ealy" and not some team exec. Just pointing out that you guys aren't...
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    The Curious Adventures of Dwayne Allen has a short piece on Dwayne Allen's adjustment to NE. I love how candid he is about the difficult transition. "I had to lean on some divine help the first couple of weeks of camp," Allen said on Wednesday. "Just how difficult it was adjusting and really understanding how to come...
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    Alcohol and Athletes; Gronk's injuries in a 16 oz can

    H78 is right. Lots Absolutely. Drinking definitely led to Mario Williams concussion right here.
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    The Fox sports s***show thread (Ken Rosenthal needs a new place to write about baseball)

    FS1 had Seth Joyner on one of their shows the other day (I was listening briefly on a Sirius XM simulcast in my car so I wasn't sure which one). He was making a passionate defense of Kaepernick when the conversation turned to protests, confederate monuments, etc. Someone asked him why it's...
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    Discussing Mike Reiss' Height For Some Unknown Reason

    Saw on a Barstool blog....Is Mike Reiss a little person? Isn't Isaiah only 5'8?