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  1. AB in DC

    2024 MLB All-Star Game Thread

    No pitcher goes more than 1, no batter has more than 1 hit. Kinda pointless to award an MVP,, but good for Jarren I guess.
  2. AB in DC

    2024 MLB All-Star Game Thread

    Or just more Papi.
  3. AB in DC

    2024 MLB All-Star Game Thread

    This game is begging for an alternate broadcast.
  4. AB in DC

    2024 Rotation and Bullpen

    I think Cora agrees with me. Sadly Breslow may not. Though DOB did hint that Criswell may be coming up soon, so hopefully that's sooner than later.
  5. AB in DC

    July 9, 2024 - Athletics vs Red Sox

    These aren't even terrible pitches...the Sox are just mashing them anyway.
  6. AB in DC

    2024 Rotation and Bullpen

    Wingenter? Seems more like a reclamation project than someone you'd want on the 26.
  7. AB in DC

    2024 All-Star Game Voting

    Just noticed -- among the all-star pitchers, across both leagues, there are exactly three who have been selected to two ASGs before this year: Sale, Burnes, and Clase. Everyone else is either a first-time or second-time selection.
  8. AB in DC

    2024 Rotation and Bullpen

    Cam Boozer sent down to Worcester today, though no corresponding promotion has been announced. Criswell or Campbell I guess?
  9. AB in DC

    July 7, 2024 - Red Sox @ Yankees

    Who says he's not a real third baseman??
  10. AB in DC

    Sox at NYY July 5

    I'd like to see the ump scorecard on this one too
  11. AB in DC

    Day Baseball Today, 2024 Edition

    1:10 holiday start
  12. AB in DC

    USMNT Summer 2024: Beauty is in the Eye of the Berhalter

    Only 6? Are they even trying to not look corrupt?
  13. AB in DC

    Pads at Bos June 30

    Haven't heard him do PBP before. He's seems like a natural.
  14. AB in DC

    Pads at Bos June 30

    Just tuned in, who's doing the PBP for NESN?
  15. AB in DC

    6/28- X marks the spot

    Not if you've already gotten two months free last year.
  16. AB in DC

    T20, List A, and ODIs, Oh My: The Cricket Thread (No, Not That Kind of Cricket), and here I thought that the US performance was embarrassing. 60-56 loss with 67 balls left.
  17. AB in DC

    6/26- Beat Toronto on my 15th Wedding Anniversary please

    In case anyone was wondering, Toronto needs to be back home for a game tomorrow night against the MFYs. So no makeup any time soon.
  18. AB in DC

    6/25...Feels So Good

    And will have four days rest for a Saturday start, assuming Criswell doesn't come back up. That kinda worked. Edit: NM, it's three days rest. Forgot what day it is. Maybe Houck can go Saturday, Winck Sunday.
  19. AB in DC

    6/25...Feels So Good

    The E Valdez is leaking oil again tooo.
  20. AB in DC

    The Final

    I think ABC muted all the "Bullshit" calls from the crowd.