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  1. NomahNotRamon

    It's the halfway mark. Where we at?

    I think I'm missing the bigger picture w/ the "DFA Kiké" discussion... the thinking is that doing so would enable us to keep Yu and Refsnyder on the active roster when Story returns and we prefer that?
  2. NomahNotRamon

    2023 Starting Rotation

    Kluber named Opening Day starter per WBZ. View:
  3. NomahNotRamon

    Let’s sign a starting pitcher!

    Essentially got the QO money for two years instead of one. Personally don’t think he’ll be raking in a ton of bonus cash over the course of it. Wonder if the Sox even offered again.
  4. NomahNotRamon

    Let’s sign a starting pitcher!

    I'm hoping Kluber or Eovaldi saddle up. What's a good comp contract for getting Eovaldi back—something a little less than what Bassitt got from TOR?
  5. NomahNotRamon

    2022 COVID Impacts on the Team.

    8 or more innings for a regular closer in 6 days. If only Venable was as committed to winning...
  6. NomahNotRamon

    Red Sox in season discussion

    Knew I shouldn't have checked Twitter before bed. For better or worse, I'm optimistic. Go Chaim, go.
  7. NomahNotRamon

    B's Follows & Listens

    Leaning into the Bruins a little more than usual with the unique season at hand. What are your favoite podcasts (both Bruins-specific and NHL) and who are the best Twitter follows for the B's?
  8. NomahNotRamon

    How much have you watched so far?

    Nearly every pitch for me so far. Outside of the obvious frustrations, I'm enjoying seeing Jackie do Jackie things in CF and having a good start at the plate and I love watching Pillar and Verdugo hit. The on-field game is the on-field game to me regardless of personal thoughts about the...
  9. NomahNotRamon

    Red Sox 2020 Roster Thread

    Glad to see Araúz made the cut. Expecting a DFA to bring Johnson back up soon-ish.
  10. NomahNotRamon

    Let's talk about this ballclub.

    The roster per Pete Abe on Twitter... The pitching, man. Supposing the Waiver Wire will see some activity. View: