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  1. Schnerres

    No Offense, But.... (The 2024 Summer Transfer Window Thread)

    Dortmund is buying Guirassy from Stuttgart. The problematic Part was/is his physical. It will only cost 18 mil €, so it doesn‘t meet your criteria, though.
  2. Schnerres

    Copa ‘24: Should Have Been a Yellow

    As a father of a newborn, i cannot understand how you bring your wife and kid(s) to an Open arena with mixed fans on same stands. I could live with personal security (but you had to live with stuff being thrown at your loved ones, so …no thx) or a private box behind a glass wall to protect them...
  3. Schnerres

    SoSH Playoff Predictions 2024

    Wild Card - (2) Buffalo over (7) Pittsburgh - (3) KC over (6) Miami - (5) Cleveland over (4) Houston - (2) Dallas over GB (7) - (3) Detroit over (6) Los Angeles - (5) Tampa Bay over (4) Philadelphia Divisional Round (1) Baltimore over (5) Cleveland (2) Buffalo over (3) Kansas City (1) San...
  4. Schnerres

    Matchday 10 Game Thread

    3-3 thriller, After a 3-1 lead (60th min), it sucks to drop two points, but Hamburg was the better team. 49350 fans, sellout, flood lights, rain..had some fun
  5. Schnerres

    Matchday 10 Game Thread

    If they (we?) only ein last week@Düsseldorf…leading 3-0 and then losing 3-4.. Todays Matches looking good at halftime, with St.Pauli and Hannover trailing..**crossing fingers**
  6. Schnerres

    Matchday 10 Game Thread

    So, i‘m getting ready for another highlight Match in 2.Bundesliga: FC Kaiserslautern vs.Hamburger SV in front of 47k+ Fans and with floodlights. With all the Hoffenheim, Wolfsburg, Leipzig „newcomers“ in Last ten/twenty years, the 2.Bundesliga has a lot of (former) great teams with huge fan...
  7. Schnerres

    Sports Cards Mania

    I collected NBA trading cards When i was a kid. Being from Germany, there wasn‘t much to choose from, 30years ago… Now, i plan on buying some boxes for (imo) decent prices (like 200-500€), keep them for 10-20 years and then sell them. Has anyone in here ever done that succesfully...
  8. Schnerres

    European Championship Qualifiers 17th - 21st June - Game Thread

    Who has a clue about the Tedesco/Courtois situation? Will the coach lose the team and then his job?
  9. Schnerres

    4/29-5/4: Bank Holiday and Rearranged Fixtures

    It is 17&18 from Bundesliga going down. 1&2 from 2.Bundesliga going up. 16th team from Bundesliga plays 3rd team from 2.Bundesliga in two matches.
  10. Schnerres

    Yeah, but who's in 2nd? The ongoing Bundesliga thread

    1.FCK vs Hamburg 2-0 49.000 fans saturday 8.30 match. My ears were ringing when in bed and now i woke up with a headache
  11. Schnerres

    MW 2/25-3/1: Cold, cold ground

    1.FC Kaiserslautern vs Greuther Fürth 3-1. Olé rot-weiß, olé rot-weiß, olé rot-weiß, Olé!!
  12. Schnerres

    SoSH Playoff Predictions 2023

    AFC Buffalo over Miami Cincinnati over Baltimore SD over Jax KC over SD Buf over Cincinnati KC over BUF NFC SF over SEA NYG over MIN DAL over TB PHI over NYG SF over DAL PHI over SF Super Bowl PHI over KC 34-24 MVP: Jalen Hurts
  13. Schnerres

    The Judgment-Free Soccer Questions Thread

    Another reason: ref has to remember who touches the ball last, if there‘s a hand involved.
  14. Schnerres

    The Judgment-Free Soccer Questions Thread

    I guess 1)it has always been that way and 2)players would regularly fake an injury (especially with less than half an hour remaining and with the many subs you are allowed nowadays) to get substituted.
  15. Schnerres

    Bosmania? The 2022 Winter Transfer Window Thread

    Süle told Bayern he will leave on a free this summer. Rumored interest from Newcastle.
  16. Schnerres

    SoSH Playoff Predictions 2022

    WC: AFC #3 BUF beats #6 NE #2 KC beats #7 PIT #4 CIN beats #5 LV NFC: #2 TB beats #7 PHL #6 SF beats #3 DAL #4 LAR beats #5 ARI DIV: AFC: #4 CIN beats #1TEN #2 KC beats #3 BUF NFC: #1 GB beats #6 SF #4 LAR beats #2 TB CCG: #2 KC beats #4 CIN #4 LAR beats #1 GB SB: KC beats LAR 38-24 SB...
  17. Schnerres

    Week 7

    Respect. One sentence. 97 words. 380 letters. (Not counting short cuts a la RB as the actual full word.)
  18. Schnerres

    Atletico de Madrid, 2021-22: CAMPEONES

    Matheus Cunha (22) from Hertha to Atlético for ~30m €.
  19. Schnerres

    Euro 2020 Day 9 Game Thread

    Seems like France have more trouble to attack (against lesser opposition) while opponent sits back than playing more defensive like vs Germany. I want to see France vs counter-attacking Portugal. if Hungary holds that 1-0, there could be trouble for one of the Big3
  20. Schnerres

    Euro 2021 Day 1 Game Thread: Italy v. Turkey

    Chiellini looks like hes 45..since 7 years.