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  1. Trapaholic

    Toucher and Hardy: The new 98.5 morning show

    That clip of the 911 Siri call was jarring. I heard it this morning in the car - I had just switched over from another station. I was greeted with the clip of a guy screaming in pain and calling 911. Glad I never enabled Siri on my iPhone.
  2. Trapaholic

    Red Sox 2025 schedule as visualized by Triston Casas

    Seeing ATH as the shorthand for Athletics was jarring. I honestly had no idea what that meant, then I realized that next year they are literally just "Athletics".
  3. Trapaholic

    Who's Next if Cora Leaves?

    When I first started following baseball in the late 90's, a manager going into lame duck season meant that he would not be back. It could also set a bad precedent in the clubhouse if all the guys knew the manager had one foot out the door. This was also a plot point in Moneyball where Art Howe...
  4. Trapaholic

    A Dream of 2025, What is Going Right and Looks like the Sox can Build On

    Interesting article on Fangraphs about the Red Sox and their options at the trade deadline. Bottom line is that the Red Sox do have some financial flexibility to stay under the luxury tax threshold while still adding a major league contract. Again, no idea what the internal "budget" actually...
  5. Trapaholic

    2024 Prospect Rankings Thread

    The Fangraphs article was interesting. I enjoy reading Eric Longenhagen. He has good insights and it not afraid to disagree with consensus opinion. I enjoy how he considers the organizational strategy and trends of each team. A interesting points that I took away from the piece: - Roman Anthony...
  6. Trapaholic

    Any coaches paid as a contractor (1099)?

    I am on 1099 for the travel organization that I coach in. I do my best to keep track of the miles that I drive and the number of individual trips that I take. I also save the receipts for all of the gear and training implements that I buy. This comes in handy around tax time. I include this when...
  7. Trapaholic

    Chain of Lakes Park - 1966 -2024

    Thank you for finding this and posting it. I played baseball at a small D3 school in Massachusetts, and our "spring break" was a trip to Florida to start our season. My team and I played at Chain of Lakes several times in my 4 years. We never got to play on the main field (I think that was...
  8. Trapaholic

    Toucher and Hardy: The new 98.5 morning show

    The off-brand version of Fart Court today was poor. I understand that they probably do not want to copy-and-paste old bits into this new show. Hardy was dead set on presenting his case like it was a real court, and it left little time or space for good old fashioned riffing.
  9. Trapaholic

    The Fenway Park Experience

    This is one posters' anecdote - In my job I talk to people from all across the country and Canada as well. I try to make small talk and learn what these folks are interested in outside of work. The people who are baseball fans are great because it gives me an excuse to talk about the game with...
  10. Trapaholic

    The Fenway Park Experience

    This was a while ago now, but wasn't there also some chatter about building a new Fenway in the Seaport? The ship has sailed on that one too. That whole area used to be desolate now it is fully gentrified.
  11. Trapaholic

    Toucher and Hardy: The new 98.5 morning show

    I hope Rocky Suarez makes an appearance but I am not sure if she meets the requirements.
  12. Trapaholic

    Lucas Giolito has an elbow issue.

    Hey at least we don't have to worry about Giolito winning the Cy Young and opting out - he should be back for '25.
  13. Trapaholic

    2024 Red Sox Spring Training

    This article from FanGraphs has Red Sox catchers among the weakest positional groups in the AL: Weakest Positions of American League Contenders So you're saying we're contenders;) The door is wide, wide open for Teel if he is ready to take that next step.
  14. Trapaholic

    Offseason rumors

    Any conversation about bottom lines and profitability will take us down a million rabbit holes. They will never open up their books to the public. There is only one MLB team that is a publicly traded company, the Atlanta Braves. I was not thrilled with the offseason either, but it is clear that...
  15. Trapaholic

    Toucher and Hardy: The new 98.5 morning show

    Hardy brought up a good point. As dumb as Bird is, Nick has a hard time saying a full sentence without mumbling or trailing off. I don't think it is nerves. He isn't interviewing the head of the UN or some dignitary, its a dullard from Everett. These 2 really are a great duo. It is hard to...
  16. Trapaholic

    2024 Mock Drafts are more fun than this boring, awful Patriots Team

    Getting Joe Milton in the late rounds would be interesting. He has the classic measurables that you look for in a quarterback, and a rocket right arm. He also fires every pass and does not put a lot of touch on the ball, and it looked like this lead to some incompletions and interceptions. He...
  17. Trapaholic

    Let’s Talk About These New Uniforms

    They look cheap and off-brand. In some of the other photos I have seen, the Mariners logo patch on the sleeve has gone from a stitched logo to what looks like an iron-on. In terms of the Red Sox, the font on the name plate used have the same font as the numbers and the logo on the front of the...
  18. Trapaholic

    Let's Lay Off That Throttle

    I am sure this has been mentioned on this board, but I thought about something again recently. In 2022, one of the frustrating things as a fan was the fact that they straddled the luxury tax threshold and did not get under that number. At the time, this was a big deal because I, and others I am...
  19. Trapaholic

    Toucher and Hardy: The new 98.5 morning show

    There was a bit today with Roche where they were talking baseball and the state of the Red Sox. Freds' point was that since 2004, people have become tuned out and don't genuinely like baseball anymore. I would say look no further than the afternoon program on the Sports Hub. They are hostile...
  20. Trapaholic

    Let's Predict the 2024 Red Sox Season

    I went with the 78-81 bracket. DraftKings has the win O/U at 79.5. For context, they have the Over at +100 and the Under at -120. Last year, I took the over (77.5) and it hit on the last day of the season. I believe they had 71 wins on September 1st, and a terrible month made that bet very...