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    What will D-Dom do before the trade deadline?

    Thanks for the link to Rosenthal--I had looked on Fox Sports for his columns to no avail. To clarify, after reading Rosenthal's piece, it was he, and not Dombrowski, that suggested both Cozart and Kinsler. Rosenthal also noted that Kinsler has only played third once--for 2 innings--in his...
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    Pedroia taking leave of absence

    Just saw this---hoping all will be well for Dustin and his family.
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    FWIW, I hope that Dombrowski keeps both Benintendi and Moncada. Seeing them as the last 2 pieces of a potential long term playoff powerhouse team. I would also think the White Sox are looking for one or more of Betts, Bogaerts, and Bradley in the mix. While the short term addition of Sale helps...
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    Hall of Fame Ballot for 2016 Enshrinement

    Not sure if this was shared already, but here's an outstanding way to spend 10 minutes. A look at the character of both Griffey and Piazza and their impact on two families in the wake of September 11th.:
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    The Really Early Question About Stephen Wright Post E-Rod Return

    I see what you did there.
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    Red Sox sign David Murphy to minor league deal

    Saw on Trade Rumors that a number of teams are interested in Murphy, with the Orioles possibly thinking about releasing the guy they got from the KBO and signing Murphy to play left.
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    Following Former Red Sox 2016

    Will Middlebrooks not making the Brewers 25 man roster, and he's not on the 40 man either. Reportedly heading to AAA. Did little in 38 plate appearances this spring.
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    Carson Smith diagnosed with strained flexor muscle and will start season on DL

    Ras, I read that in the last game that Koji appeared in, he was throwing one pitch exclusively--he was experimenting with a cutter.
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    Spring Training 2016

    Thanks for posting the video, BGE, that was good to watch.
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    MLB Game at Fort Bragg

    The Braves and Marlins will play a regular season game at a new facility built at Fort Bragg, NC on July 3rd. The game will be the Sunday night game of the week on ESPN. Apparently both MLB and the MLBPA teamed up to build the 12,500 seat stadium and are donating it to the Army after the game...
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    Following Former Red Sox 2016

    Old friend Hideki Okajima signed a minor league deal with the Orioles.
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    All-purpose offseason moves thread

    Denard Span to the Giants for 3 years/31 million
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    All-purpose offseason moves thread

    Kenta Maeda to the Dodgers, parameters of the deal unclear at this point, though both MLB and are reporting it to be 8 years, with MLBTR quoting Joel Sherman as to the contract being "complicated".
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    Dave Henderson has passed away

    He comes up clearly limping after the first jump following the hit, so perhaps the knee injury isn't folklore. One of the most intensely positive Sox moments of my lifetime. Thanks for the memories, Hendu!
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    Winter Meetings/Rumor Thread

    Yankees sending Adam Warren and a PTBNL to the Cubs for Castro
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    Start, Sit, Trade: Play Along with Dave

    Well, if it's a pure salary dump, true. If they expect to get something back, then that's another story. This is true--if Hanley is truly an asshat, the resulting combustion with Showalter could rival the explosion after Spengler warned Venkman not to cross the streams.
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    Start, Sit, Trade: Play Along with Dave

    I don't see a trade to Baltimore as a good one for the Sox. While the Orioles could use him, I think that their farm system is pretty empty. Additionally, why trade him to a division rival? Not being familiar with the Angels and Mariners systems, I don't know what they could offer, but it has to...
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    Trade Rumors

    Wow, Swihart is an extraneous piece. Good to know, thanks for setting me straight. For the record, I am not advocating a trade for Fernandez, nor did I suggest any trade scenarios.
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    Trade Rumors

    Please stop with the trade Swihart nonsense. I am not calling you out Moondog, but the constant apearance of Swihart in trade scenarios is a maddening example of poorly thought out trade proposals. We have 1 healthy, young catcher who is a switch hitter and has demonstrated an ability to improve...
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    Start, Sit, Trade: Play Along with Dave

    I disagree, though I understand your reasoning. I think Margot becomes expendable due to Benintendi because Margot is closer to the majors based on his minor league time already and is blocked by both Bradley and Betts. Benintendi becomes a longer term replacement for whichever one of the...