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  1. Johnny Fashion

    Shertenlieb Show? Rich Radio? - mornings on ZLX

    Look, I love Nuno, but this is literally a bold statement. EDIT: Just saw recent convo, I approve now.
  2. Johnny Fashion

    Joe Posnanski: Lord of Lists

    I liked Schur's response to "Mike Trout hurt again":
  3. Johnny Fashion

    There isn’t a Man City thread this year

    Sorry to ruin your thread but: Boo on City. (Pep is pretty great and four straight is amazing)
  4. Johnny Fashion

    How do we feel about Matthew Slater announcing his retirement?

    What a great guy. That’s it. I really like Matt Slater.
  5. Johnny Fashion

    Surprised there isn't an announcer thread...

    Benetti shows up often on one of my favorite comedy podcasts and man he is just as good there as he is in the booth.
  6. Johnny Fashion

    Wild Card Weekend

    I hate giving Jerry Jones any credit but AT&T Stadium is the best arena I’ve ever been in. Went to a concert there a few years back and walked all over looking for a bad seat — couldn’t find one.
  7. Johnny Fashion

    CFB 2023 Week 9: A thread that has a generally doomed outlook when it comes to Texas football

    Longhorns have been really terrible on 4th and short this season, especially near the goal line. Kinda think Sark has to figure that out well before January.
  8. Johnny Fashion

    9/29 - Shiny Happy People

    Old cartoon bird, mesh back half. I put that hat on and started thinking about Jim Palmer and Eddie Murray and Rick Dempsey doing the rain delay tarp slides. And I was at the game where some street kitty cat got out on the field at old Memorial Stadium and scratched the hell of everyone who...
  9. Johnny Fashion

    9/29 - Shiny Happy People

    Last night was so brutal I went into a closet box to find my old 80’s Orioles cap and put it on in protest. It’s still a good looking cap.
  10. Johnny Fashion

    Concerning Schilling....

    I know that was real blood, but I think his soul leaked out with it.
  11. Johnny Fashion

    Tim Wakefield has passed away from brain cancer at 57 (10/1 update)

    Hang in there Wake. (edited to not talk about another guy)
  12. Johnny Fashion

    July 22 Mets @Fenway

    Thumbs up to that — thanks!
  13. Johnny Fashion

    July 22 Mets @Fenway

    I tuned in a little late — what was the military tribute?
  14. Johnny Fashion

    ESPN: How the Gruden email leaks led to Dan Snyder's downfall

    Not sure how much it means but a couple of my Navajo friends were harder-core Skins fans than I was, and I was pretty big. They couldn't care less about the name, sorta took a pride in it. Also, Football Team turned into such a great name, I would love to see it again. Even with the Snyder...
  15. Johnny Fashion

    2023 US Open - Los Angeles Country Club

    Which of you sent Xander the horseshoe to put up his ass? Amazing.
  16. Johnny Fashion

    4/1 - Baltimore @ Boston - APRIL FOOLS

    I don’t know, if the light thing is just for walkoffs I don’t mind it too much. It won’t be, of course.
  17. Johnny Fashion

    John Madden has passed away

    Hear me out...Andy Richter?
  18. Johnny Fashion

    CFB 2022 Week 13: RIVALRY WEEK

    Hey I went to the LSU-A&M game, can someone tell me if the Tigers looked as shitty on TV as they did in front of me
  19. Johnny Fashion

    Judge’s March To 62 Homers

    Yanks are sitting Judge today, so I like those odds.
  20. Johnny Fashion

    Mazz on NESN

    A dense Masserotti named Tony Goes on NESN to spout his baloney Every broadcasting choice Makes even the voice Of Will Flemming sound Castiglione-y