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  1. CKDexterHaven

    We're at the ASB, where are you with the 2024 Boston Red Sox?

    I started the season watching every game, but not expecting to continue with that ‘investment of time,’ considering the FO’s lack of investment over the offseason. But, I enjoyed Duran and O’Neil’s hot start. At some point, along with the persistently bad defense and as we clung to .500, I...
  2. CKDexterHaven

    The TrevorEnding Story: needs shoulder surgery, out for the year (4/9 update)

    All of this prompted me to ask what happened to the Adalberto Mondesi Project…. [insert emoji HERE]. After last year’s lost season, I don’t see him on a roster for 2024. Marlins were considering him, but then nothing? Is he on a minors contract? Rehabbing independently? Weird story—no pun...
  3. CKDexterHaven

    Do You Want John Henry To Sell The Red Sox?

    But isn't ownership setting lower spending levels than we're used to? Lower than those that saw us winning championships? More importantly for me and my loose understanding, though, is that these new limits are lower than what are expected to actually improve the team from a series of last-place...
  4. CKDexterHaven

    Do You Want John Henry To Sell The Red Sox?

    Zero evidence. 100% sentiment. Specifically, this year, based on what i think is a pretty 'universal' assessment by our fans and the media, that we needed a top of the rotation signing to feel good about just trying to compete for a wildcard berth. And we didn't get that and weren't in serious...
  5. CKDexterHaven

    Do You Want John Henry To Sell The Red Sox?

    Feel free to excoriate me for this naive/forgetful set of perspectives, but... It seemed like, in olden times, a guy bought a sports franchise as a bit of a passion project. He loved the game. If he was lucky to find the right opportunity, he loved the team. And he made an eff-ton of money as...
  6. CKDexterHaven

    Offseason rumors

    It shouldn’t be a surprise—this zero gain offseason—when they needed to find a chief and umpteen candidates declined the role… after another lot declined to even interview for it. What did they know? What were they told? It’s as if the first bullet point on the job post was “• Take a position...
  7. CKDexterHaven

    Offseason rumors

    Glad that was appreciated in the intended spirit! Yes, long time. I think I ‘joined up‘ after the Reds World Series loss. I grew up in a little town in Delaware. Philly teams were the ‘home’ teams but I never went for that. I had been a Reds fan until then. I was playing Whiffle Ball with a...
  8. CKDexterHaven

    Offseason rumors

    I* don't know the ethnodemography here, so i'll stand up: if i were to hear the phrase "call a spade a spade," i would be aware of the connotation, but i would not attribute the race-related connotation to it unless it came with that context or obvious implication. To be honest, i would...
  9. CKDexterHaven

    Offseason rumors

    I'm going to go ahead and assert that, No—it's not. After 56 years, i don't believe i've ever heard a word that's worse than the N word. And, as a few comedians have 'joked,' a good test is that you typed out the word "spade" and did not type the 'N' word.
  10. CKDexterHaven

    How much does winning and losing affect your fandom?

    Stole my answer. Yeah, I care. The Sox have been the only pro sports team I have ‘always’ loved—the only one I have a commitment to, even though I’m not from the area. I’ve watched 130 games a year for the last ten years, and dealt with the ups and downs, but there seems to be a different kind...
  11. CKDexterHaven

    How Much Does Ownership’s Level of Spending Affect Your Fandom ?

    I have watched ~125 Sox games per year, for the past ~10 years*. Recognizing that there is still time and that two ‘major’ pitchers are still on the market, I’m almost resigned to believing I will be watching a team that performs again at the .500 level, with peaks that tickle the optimism, but...