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  1. Zereck

    Jayson Tatum - Contract extension - Mission Accomplished (now with more $$$$$)

    Tatum calls himself Big Deuce as well, he has it tattooed on his hand.
  2. Zereck

    Pritchard Extended

    I love his competitiveness, but if his offense isn’t there his rotation minutes need to go to Hauser. Gives us better size and we have enough ball handlers that Pritchard should never be the primary creator.
  3. Zereck

    Jayson Tatum's Rise to the Top

    Piggy backing on this, as a long running Tatum guy the thing I wish he was getting more credit for is legitimately being able to guard 1-5 defensively. He’s not our best wing man defender, but specifically him and Jrue’s flexibility and basketball IQ is our true difference in this series. I...
  4. Zereck

    2023-24 Celtics

    Haha, definitely. Just didn’t want it to seem like Tatum was taking a shot at KP. The vibes are immaculate.
  5. Zereck

    2023-24 Celtics

    That was actually Oshae who asked the question (referring to himself) and after Tatum said “two key players” (adding Porzingis), Oshae clarified he meant himself. Tatum made the mysterious injury comment after that making fun of Oshae.
  6. Zereck

    2023-24 Celtics

    Huh? He had 17-8-3 in the first half and was in the game along with the bench crew when the Celtics turned things around at the end of the first and into the second.
  7. Zereck

    The WNBA: Thread II

    Aces still being this dominant even with Parker injured is really impressive. The women’s game has grown so much.
  8. Zereck

    UFC 2020

    Barber - Lee was one of the worst decisions I’ve seen. It was Dan Mirgliota who had it 30-27 Barber. I almost put a bet down on Lee because of her reach and experience and I would have lost my shit after watching the fight and getting robbed like that.
  9. Zereck

    2022-2023 General Celtics thread

    The full episode (1 of 2) can be found here. It’s definitely worth the watch, Mazzulla has a great talk with them as well. View:
  10. Zereck

    2/12 Morant, Memphis, Matinee

    The jerseys are Bill Russell tributes on his birthday.
  11. Zereck

    In-season NBA news thread

    He’s pulling this now because the Nets (rightfully) won’t extend him beyond this season.
  12. Zereck

    The WNBA: Thread II

    The Aces adding Candace Parker to A’Ja Wilson, Chelsea Grey, and Kelsey Plum seems even more formidable to me.
  13. Zereck

    The WNBA: Thread II

    The playoffs should be great. I think the league could expand, but some of these teams are absolutely loaded. I mainly follow the league via Twitter but plan on watching as many of the postseason games as I can.
  14. Zereck

    RIP Bill Russell

    Gretzky already is in the NHL
  15. Zereck

    Thank you, Danny Ainge

    Tim Hardaway got elected and will be inducted later in this year. The bar isn’t very high for the Basketball HOF.
  16. Zereck

    Celtics hire Ime Udoka as HC

    Jaden Ivey is a top 5 pick in every mock I’ve seen. Are you seeing / hearing something else?
  17. Zereck

    NBA GOAT discussion

    Unless you solely judge guys by what they did and don’t factor in the era they played it’s weird to see people downgrade Jordan for 3 point shooting when we’ve seen guys like Marcus Smart, Jaylen Brown and Brook Lopez become passable to good 3 point shooters. Jordan was a really good shooter...
  18. Zereck

    Kemba Walker to Boston

    I think Danny definitely has an ego, and I'm not saying that's bad. The Celtics are going to fill out the roster with the exception and vet minimum contracts. If free agents are weighing offers between multiple teams it gives them a head start having Kemba locked up. I've followed the Celtics my...
  19. Zereck

    Kemba Walker to Boston

    Ego? Ainge has been getting killed in the media and I could envision a scenario where he wants the lower tier free agents to know the Celtics will still be players in free agency.