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  1. semsox

    Bryan Mata & Cam Booser to be called up? ( Justin Slaten to IL w/ right elbow inflammation)

    Listening to the SoxProspects podcast recently, and Mata's duration in the organization is wild. He pitched 50+ innings in Portland in 2019 and has yet to make his major league debut. Hope he can stay healthy and catch lightning in a bottle with him, as he certainly has the stuff.
  2. semsox

    Denver Nuggets (2) vs Minnesota Timberwolves (3) - 2024 WC Second Round

    Can't believe we get at least 4 more minutes of this
  3. semsox

    Denver Nuggets (2) vs Minnesota Timberwolves (3) - 2024 WC Second Round

    That's gross officiating to not call the foul on Ant then call a benign screen
  4. semsox

    4.1 - Easter Funday

    How bad could the A's really be I thought, and now I understand
  5. semsox

    Week 17: Alt Pats Keep On Winning Vs The Bills!

    That was Mac-esque
  6. semsox

    8/22/2023 Against the Astros of Houston

    Been really getting boned by the umps lately
  7. semsox

    July 29 Giants @Oracle

    Whelp. Entertaining game
  8. semsox

    July 29 Giants @Oracle

    I guess you stay out of a DP, but not really understanding that call
  9. semsox

    6/21-Redd Soxx vs. Gray

  10. semsox

    Deadspin defectors debut

    Interesting write-up of Defector on the Columbia Journalism Review: A snippet:
  11. semsox

    5/20 Who Are the San Diego Padres?

    Ooof, that's a really nice play to steal a 2B
  12. semsox

    2023 NCAA Womens basketball tournament

    Encouraging first quarter for Iowa. It was definitely going to be an uphill climb coming into this game, but that 1Q is alot like what an Iowa W would look like.
  13. semsox

    2020-23 College Hockey thread

    Will be attending the Cornell-BU game tomorrow in Manchester, which should be fun. Also, holy hell, I was not prepared for these shorelines in todays games. 8-1, 8-0, 5-0, 11-1. Big Ten looking very big indeed
  14. semsox

    Super Bowl LVII - Chiefs vs Eagles in Glendale

    They had reset the game clock to 6 seconds prior to the last play. Is it crazy to think they would have been better off trying to get a chunk of yards and then going for a long FG? If that is the extent of what Hurts can muster on a Hail Mary, hard not to think a 20-25 yard out would have been a...
  15. semsox

    NFL Playoffs - Championship Round

    This take seems incongruous with the conversion to Chase on 4th down that set up the tying score.
  16. semsox

    Wild Card Weekend game thread

    Hard to watch with throws like that