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    ESPN Top 100

    Handle checks out.
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    Home Run Derby Game thread

  3. loshjott

    Home Run Derby Game thread

    I was at Nats Park a few years ago when Witt won the HS home run derby. And there it is.
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    Home Run Derby Game thread

    That was horrible.
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    Pssssssssssst 2024

    From Nightengale: Paul Skenes' first no-hitter will have to wait. He's pulled after seven no-hit innings, 11 strikeouts and 99 pitches after yet another sensational game. This is the second time in his 11 career starts he has pitched at least 6 no-hit innings. Next game, perhaps start: Tuesday...
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    Pssssssssssst 2024

    11 K's.
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    Banner 18 Duck Boat Parade Game Thread

    Not sure why an account that covers crime and traffic and other local news in DC is at the parade, but here we are. View:
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    Who is the greatest living balllplayer?

    This is an interesting debate because it hasn’t been needed legitimately for more than 50 years. Another interesting question is at what point in his career did Mays become the greatest living ballplayer? He had two full years in MLB before Aaron started so Aaron was likely never ahead of him...
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    May 2024 MLB Gamethread

    I was there too! It absolutely was very cool.
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    The WNBA: Thread II

    The Messi effect? View: WTOP @WTOP · 1h SPORTS ALERT: The Washington Mystics are moving their June 7 game against Indiana Fever and star point guard Caitlin Clark to Capital One Arena after receiving what the team described as an...
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    2023-2024 Women’s College Basketball

    Nobody on either team is hitting shots.
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    Baseball Road Trips Catch All Thread

    When my son visited Carnegie Mellon in 2012 we went to a game. We got a hotel room across the river from the Park and walked across the bridge pregame. It was as awesome as advertised. Bonus baseball content: it was the same day Felix Hernandez pitched his perfecto, and we watched the end of...
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    A’s have signed a binding agreement to purchase land for a future ballpark in Las Vegas.

    Plus, two of them play(ed) in the same dump stadium, and the third had been jonesing to move to SF for a long time.
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    How Many Games Does Anthony Rendon Play In 2024?

    Looks like Rendon missed his first game last night. Not sure if it was due to injury or because he’s yet to get a hit. 162 is off the table.