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  1. B H Kim

    2024 NBA Draft

    With Stephen A. Smith on the ABC coverage, I’ll be watching ESPN.
  2. B H Kim

    Post-Championship Media Thread

    I couldn’t help but notice the one guy in the crowd who wasn’t watching the shot.
  3. B H Kim

    RIP Bill Walton

    I can’t think of anyone in media who exuded more joy than Walton. View:
  4. B H Kim

    The Bill Simmons Thread

    I rarely listen to his NBA podcasts, but I listened this morning and he and Russillo were going on and on about how Turner was ruining the last few episodes of Inside the NBA ever by having Draymond in studio. The Turner-NBA rights deal ends after next season, right? This isn't the end of it.
  5. B H Kim

    Luddite new computer recommendation

    FYI, the base model M1 Macbook Air is only $399 at Best Buy today. For anyone looking for a laptop for web browsing, email, document editing, etc., that's a great option.
  6. B H Kim

    2023-2024 Women’s College Basketball

    The Post’s Kim Mulkey story is out. Here’s a gift link: It’s long, but basically just confirms that she’s a jerk who holds ridiculous grudges and has issues with gay players. If she hadn’t made such a big deal about it, it probably would have been largely ignored.
  7. B H Kim

    NCAA Tournament 2nd Round Sunday Thread

    If he had the ability to take full advantage of NIL, he might have considered it. But, because he’s in the US on a student visa, he can only do NIL deals in Canada or passive deals.
  8. B H Kim

    2024 NCAA Pool

    In and paid via Venmo
  9. B H Kim

    NCAA Tournament First Four and Thursday Game Thread

    All of the TBS, TNT and truTV games will be streamed in the Max app. Unfortunately , they don't have the rights to the CBS games, so those will be in Paramount+.
  10. B H Kim

    23-24 General CBB Thread

    Michigan State is ranked 18th by KenPom. They should be in. The team I don’t think should be in is Virginia.
  11. B H Kim

    23-24 General CBB Thread

    I don’t think this is really fair. They played like shit today, but Purdue’s record this year outside of the Big 10 has been great. They have arguably the best non-conference record in the country, with wins over Tennessee, Alabama, Arizona, Marquette and Gonzaga.
  12. B H Kim

    23-24 General CBB Thread

    Pomeroy has said that his player rankings are not intended as a predictive device for any player of the year awards, but they're intended to provide a (mostly) objective measure, using his offensive and defensive stats, of the most valuable players in the sport each year. I don't think the...
  13. B H Kim

    23-24 General CBB Thread

    At this point, I'll be shocked if it isn't unanimous.
  14. B H Kim

    Apple Sports iPhone App

    I've been using the Sports Alert app, and it feels like it has a lot more information than this new Apple app.
  15. B H Kim

    23-24 General CBB Thread

    You mean to tell me that this guy isn’t a legitimate sports journalist?
  16. B H Kim

    Red Sox signing Liam Hendriks

    Great low-risk signing and it sounds like he’s a tremendous person.
  17. B H Kim

    Thoughts/Impressions on “The Dynasty” Apple TV Series

    If you're interested, here are the titles and descriptions of the remaining episodes:
  18. B H Kim

    Thoughts/Impressions on “The Dynasty” Apple TV Series

    Yes, it's two episodes a week for 5 weeks. And the two next week cover all three of the first set of Super Bowls and spygate. I love the show, but the pacing is odd, given that they aren't even to the first Super Bowl after two episodes.
  19. B H Kim

    Just What is Apex Mountain: Rewatchables discussion thread

    I only listen to the occasional episode, but if it's one that involves a movie I like and haven't watched in a while, I'll wait to listen until after I've had a chance to rewatch it. Same thing with the Andy Greenwald last TV episode podcast, although he has started identifying the show in...