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    2024-25 UConn Men's Hoops: Defending the Throne Again

    Glad he's staying! Hope our tax rates don't go up to pay him.
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    2024-25 UConn Men's Hoops: Defending the Throne Again

    "the sides are planning to escalate discussions" sounds pretty scary for UCONN fans. Dan leaving would suck big time, but who could blame him?
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    NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament 2024 - Welcome to the Sweet Sixteen

    I'm going to date myself, but Toby Kimball and Wes Bialosuknia sounded great on my transistor radio when I should have been doing homework. The current team is so much fun to watch. The coaching staff seems to be particularly adept at making adjustments at half-time and getting the players...
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    Question for Duke/UNC fans: Who's your 2nd least favorite/most hated ACC team?

    Duke. Rod Sellers dribbling Christian Laettner's head off the floor will stay fondly in my memory forever. I lived in NC for a couple of years, when both State and UNC won national championships. Crazy times for both.
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    Best time to visit?

    I echo LR. There is so much to see and do in Boston and some additional information would be helpful. The Freedom Trail is a history walking trail that would occupy most of a day, if not more:
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    Ryne Sandberg has metastatic prostate cancer

    Best of luck to you. Cancer sucks.
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    Moves I'd Make

    I like this lineup, but throw this out for consideration: Sign Hoskins to DH and back up 1B (assumes he's healthy and ready to go). I'm not convinced Soler is the answer to any of Boston's problems. That would leave Dalbec to back up 3B, assuming they have nobody else who can do it by the...
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    Chaim Bloom hired by St Louis

    I had a co-worker who flew out to St. Louis for the final game of the 2004 World Series. He said the home crowd was very gracious in the loss and went out of their way to help Red Sox fans celebrate the win together.
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    23-24 UConn Basketball: Stephon's Castle

    And the women are back into the top 10, at #9. Both teams are looking good right now. Hope it continues!
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    2023-2024 Women’s College Basketball

    And just when it looked like they were rounding into shape for the rest of the season. Hope they can weather this, but if it weren't for bad luck, they'd have no luck at all.
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    2023-2024 Women’s College Basketball

    KK Arnold is going to be fun to watch! It took them awhile to get going last night, but once they did it was vintage UCONN women.
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    What does Red Sox relief pitching look like in 2024?

    So he's been expORTed to Seattle.
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    Start with the Green Papaya Salad

    Cool thread. I'll go with Brock Holt for my Sox player and Roberto Clemente for my non-Sox player. I've always admired Brock's charitable work, especially with the Jimmy Fund. And Clemente was my hero when I was a kid (a long time ago).
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    2023 Starting Rotation

    I like him. His signature issue is gun control, which became a high priority for him after Sandy Hook.
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    Robo strikezone: Not as simple as you think -- Baseball Prospectus

    At the risk of being the old man yelling at clouds, I agree. I hate challenges and replays. I have never been real big on watching football, but the challenges, reviews, and wasted time have made it unwatchable for me. On the other hand, I love watching baseball and don't want to see it...
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    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    Looking for some help. Reactivating Fubo is going to cost me almost $100/month for the season. Streaming NESN appears to be $30. My son has been able to sign into our Fubo account in Oregon (we're in Connecticut), so long as we're not both using it at the same time. Does anybody know if he...
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    NCAA Basketball Final Four Game Thread

    Route 8 from Waterbury to Winsted always flows nicely, assuming there's something in Winsted that interests you or you live in Winsted and need to get to Waterbury. And while I don't share the overall doom and gloom about traveling the state, I do agree that it is very annoying at times, given...
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    Play-in game thread

    I have a question about the play-in games. What's the history of having two games for 16 seeds and two for 11 seeds? The two 11 seeds that get bounced in the play-in games would probably rather have been picked as 12 seeds or lower. Just seems kind of unfair for two teams to be going home...
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    2023 NCAA Tournament Thread—Road to Houston

    If they play like they did in the second half against Providence they're subject to get bounced really early! They looked good against Marquette but Jackson got into foul trouble and Hawkins and Newton got overwhelmed by Marquette's D. Still a great game though. When they've got it going...
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    UConn back to Big East?

    Last night was beyond painful to watch. I am far from a basketball genius, but I don't understand a plan that seems to consist of Sanogo trying to fight through a triple team while the best shooter on the floor (Hawkins) stands around and watches.