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  1. DieHardSoxFan1

    RIP Rocco

    Awful news. Rocco’s posts were always must-reads for me.
  2. DieHardSoxFan1

    AFC and NFC Championship game thread

    That SF punt from the Rams 45 ought to be a crime
  3. DieHardSoxFan1

    Super Bowl LV: Game Thread – Kansas City Chiefs @ Tompa Bay Bucs

    Travis Kelce turns 32 next fall. Maybe he’ll remain productive into his mid-30’s, like Tony Gonzalez was, but he’s not a young player in the thick of his prime years. When he inevitably loses steam, that offense will not be the same.
  4. DieHardSoxFan1

    Classy Championship Game (NFC and AFC) Game Thread

    Yeah, this doesn’t affect BB’s “legacy.” But there’s no question that the failure to draft and/or acquire capable offensive weapons for Brady cost the Pats’ dynasty another 2-3 years of viability.
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    The Bill Simmons Thread

    View: Surprised this abhorrent comment from Billy’s ‘03 draft diary (on the left side) hasn’t picked up more traction.
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    Our ownership group

    And during these record-breaking years, I highly doubt that the salaries of club employees were suddenly adjusted upwards to reflect the spike in revenues. Unless Moondog owns a stake in the team, I cannot fathom why any fan would support billionaire owners who pocket the profits and socialize...
  7. DieHardSoxFan1

    The Athletic: The Astros stole signs electronically in 2017 part of a much broader issue for Major League Baseball

    In light of recent events, I'm beginning to think it's strange that the Sox would revamp practically its entire pitching department except for Craig Bjornson.
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    The Bill Simmons Thread

    Bill is so full of shit. Nobody gives a rat’s ass whether or not Kevin Durant is a “top 14” player of all time, or whatever stupid, dumbass, arbitrary ranking he wastes time putting together. THE story right now is about how Durant, an all-time great and likely the 2nd best player in the league...
  9. DieHardSoxFan1

    The Bill Simmons Thread

    Hilarious read. Derrick Henry stinks, the Rams have a higher level in them - I can fee it - and we should all be very afraid of playoff Fournette, even though people who know very little about football could have told you that Buffalo would stack the box to force Blake’s hand. As I’m typing...
  10. DieHardSoxFan1

    The Bill Simmons Thread

    A stunning bit of football analysis today. Did you guys know that Mark Ingram, one of the better pass-catching RB's in the league, is "the same guy" as Adrian Peterson? Go Bill.
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    The Bill Simmons Thread

    Listening to his podcast with Kerr. Funny back and forth in the first few minutes where Kerr, who told BS a few years ago that no team could ever win 73 games, now says no team can ever win 74 games. Did you guys know that Kevin Durant is a top-22 player of all time?
  12. DieHardSoxFan1

    The Bill Simmons Thread

    With the injury to Bell I half-expect BS to degrade his toughness by citing a player from 25 years ago and saying "you'd have had to chop his legs off to keep him out of that kind of game."
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    The Bill Simmons Thread

    1-3 on his picks this weekend. "All four home teams won't win this weekend. That doesn't happen."
  14. DieHardSoxFan1

    The Bill Simmons Thread

    Anxiously awaiting the moment in which Houston's homefield disadvantage kicks in.
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    The Bill Simmons Thread

    Not that this means anything, but a major Simmons pet peeve of mine is the way he uses completely arbitrary numbers to bolster his analysis. "Only 12 guys in the league matter and you can't win a title without one of them," "he's a top 18 player," "they'll win 17-23 games." Listening to his NBA...
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    The Durant Sweepstakes

    Well this news would ruin the fun. Is it good for business to have a super team the likes of which we've never seen?
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    Horford to Boston!

    a failure to get Horford would be nothing short but a devastating blow to the franchise.
  18. DieHardSoxFan1

    Dee Gordon Suspended 80 Games

    With 3-4 other announcements to come.