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  1. LoweTek

    MLB At Rickwood Field

    My daughter, who has an adopted son of Haitian background, and a natural born son, took the whole family to this game. She said it was the best baseball experience she ever had. We're talking about a woman who has been to thousands of baseball games. I was very proud of her for making it happen...
  2. LoweTek

    First time visit to Fenway

    Is it correct cymru is pronounced come-ree and means Welsh?
  3. LoweTek

    The Fenway Park Experience

    I got two in one game in the KC dugout seats. It was against Toronto. I gave one to a guy in my group as an award. I still have the other one in my display case. Over the years I got foul balls at a Winter Haven Spring training game, a AA game, a AAA game and a D1 college baseball game. At the...
  4. LoweTek

    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    The MLB-TV offer is up and available on the T-Life app. I'm signed up.
  5. LoweTek

    2004 WS Celebration

    Fair point.
  6. LoweTek

    2004 WS Celebration

    The irony of this thread is back in '04-'13 when us old timers would reminisce about '67, '75, or '86 we took a ton of crap for it from a lot of you guys posting in here. "Stop living in the past..." sums it up. Full circle indeed. But please, carry on as you were. I'm looking forward to the...
  7. LoweTek

    2024 Red Sox Spring Training

    Bob also left another contract year and a $1m salary on the table when he retired. He did so because his young son was going through life--threatening treatments at Dana Farber and he felt he needed to devote his time and focus the issues his son was having. Admirable and highly so, IMO...
  8. LoweTek

    2004 WS Celebration

    Yep. What I recall about Opening Day 2005 was they had a moment of silence for the pope and Dick Radatz. There was a standing ovation when Mariano Rivera was introduced. They did the WS Ring presentation. I didn't make to the Opening Day game but I went to either the second or third game of the...
  9. LoweTek

    Seeking data on meetings at my company

    "Do we make something important because we can measure it? Or, do we measure something because it's important?" - David Epstein
  10. LoweTek

    Seeking data on meetings at my company

    What are the outcomes you expect? What are you trying accomplish with the measurement? It sounds at first blush like a micromanagement activity. Perhaps I'm not seeing the value of it given the noisy results.
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    Lucas Giolito has an elbow issue.

    Apologies if it was discussed earlier in the thread. I didn't look back through it all. Where was the "pending a physical" part of the Giolito signing? Whatever physical issues are analyzed Before an FA acquisition didn't detect this issue? The guy goes down a week into Spring training after a...
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    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    You are correct, sir.
  13. LoweTek

    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    I have been able to watch Spring Training games on MLB.TV this year. This has not been true in previous years. I have been using the T-Mobile method since it was made available.
  14. LoweTek

    Potential Bright Spots in Fenway Tire Fire

    I think we might be underrating Story. He has had a lot of injury complications since he arrived. But by my middle infielder eye test, he is a ++ defender and hitter when healthy. He has shown leadership to the young players and has become a clubhouse presence. I say he has a shot to have a...
  15. LoweTek

    SI: Cover Songs

    Took you long enough...
  16. LoweTek

    The Newest Vaughn

    Couldn't disagree more. Caveat: I was a 2B most of my playing years. If you think 2B is less demanding than SS, you haven't played significant time at both positions. Maybe you were spoiled by Pedroia but 2B has much more complexity than meets the eye. Sure, SS requires longer throws, maybe...
  17. LoweTek

    ChatGPT's Virtual Town Hall for the Boston Red Sox

    CG, you use a lot of weasel words in your answers. Please explain.
  18. LoweTek

    Wild Card Weekend

    Anybody else getting poor, choppy video on Peacock?
  19. LoweTek

    Wander Franco Is In Trouble (Grooming/Pedo Warning)

    He is apparently getting paid and accruing service time: USA Today
  20. LoweTek

    Can you believe it: Joe Castiglione, the 2024 Ford C. Frick Award winner!

    I was fortunate enough to get to know both Ken Coleman and Joe through the Red Sox fantasy camp years. Both were very interesting people. This old college radio PBP guy will always be thankful to Joe for one day inviting me to be his color man as he recorded PBP for the games between the folks...