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  1. Zedia

    2024 UEFA Men’s European Championship

    Are these guys all bad at soccer balling?
  2. Zedia

    What is next for BB?
  3. Zedia

    Who is the greatest living balllplayer?

    I‘m afraid I have some bad news…
  4. Zedia

    The WNBA: Thread II

    I thought he was 6th because everyone knew he wasn't playing immediately - they basically drafted him a year early (I think? It was a long time ago).
  5. Zedia

    Misc. NFL Offseason News

    A Uni Watch article notes logos exist (yes, they look horrible). I hope someone wears one though.
  6. Zedia

    Misc. NFL Offseason News

    Pelissero just tweeted/mastodon'd a clarification that it replaces his old 2 year contract, and is NOT an extension. Says he's under contract through 2025.
  7. Zedia

    Post-draft unofficial depth chart

    There were reports that JC Jackson could come back at some point, obviously has issues but could help with depth.
  8. Zedia

    Misc. NFL Offseason News

    This seems to have gone under the radar, but the NFL is allowing "guardian caps" to be used by players in the regular season starting this year. Remains to be seen if players take them up on it:
  9. Zedia

    2024 NFL Draft 4th through 7th round gamethread WITH SPOILERS

    I had to Google that. I loved F Troop reruns when I was like 4 years old but don't really remember it.
  10. Zedia

    Petriello: Did Ted's 'red seat' HR really go 502 feet? No, It went farther!

    I had never seen that Sano homer before, that was crushed.
  11. Zedia

    R1/3: Drake Maye QB UNC

    I assumed it was a joke. Looks like at some point last night someone changed his wiki. And one of the top google hits was an Ale SoSH post!
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    2024 NFL Draft 1st round gamethread: Maye the odds be ever in your favor WITH SPOILERS

    Dang, your fast. I deleted because I thought I misremembered.
  13. Zedia

    2024 NFL Draft 1st round gamethread: Maye the odds be ever in your favor WITH SPOILERS

    When do want to move up and get an OT or WR and who would it be?
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    Not a basketball fan but I check this thread every time it’s bumped and I’m always delighted.
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    2024 NFL General Season News and Notes

    Phew, that got me for a second.