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  1. Sin Duda

    For the next time someone cries poverty on behalf of our billionaires

    And while we're at it, Haywood Sullivan!
  2. Sin Duda

    For the next time someone cries poverty on behalf of our billionaires

    Lock the thread! It's boring. If someone in a bar started this Argent, s/he would have been drowned out and a new topic would already have emerged.
  3. Sin Duda

    Red Sox draft D'Angelo Ortiz

    Shades of Bronny James, but not so costly when you have 20 rounds, not 2.
  4. Sin Duda

    Red Sox select Braden Montgomery in first round of 2024 draft.

    When I saw his college history, the first thing I thought was NIL money. Texas A&M has lots of money and isn't afraid to spread it around.
  5. Sin Duda

    MLB Draft 2024 - Potential future Red Sox

    Bootstrap Bill!
  6. Sin Duda

    NY depth 2024

    Jorbit Vivas has hot to be one of the most fascinating names in MLB. Nickname options: "Drillbit", (Vivas) "Las Vegas", ...
  7. Sin Duda

    Who to buy at the trade deadline?

    Sears certainly had a good audition.
  8. Sin Duda

    Game 93: 7/12-Royals at Sox

    Even though Duran popped out, I appreciate how he took 2 close pitches for balls right outside the zone.
  9. Sin Duda

    Who's Next if Cora Leaves?

    That dude's a blowhard. He doesn't fire me up at all.
  10. Sin Duda

    Who to buy at the trade deadline?

    Someone upthread mentioned Toronto's Lefty SP Kikuchi. In addition to being a fun name to say, he's a league average pitcher (4.00 ERA, 3.95 FIP) who, per Savant, has an outstanding breaking ball performance. He had 167 IP in '22 and 101 this season. That sounds like someone the Pitching Lab(TM)...
  11. Sin Duda

    The Yoshida Conundrum

    I get high with a little help from my friends?
  12. Sin Duda

    Game 92: 7/11-A's at Sox

    I'm pretty sure he (patinorange) was joking.
  13. Sin Duda

    July 10, 2024 - Oakland Athletics vs Boston Red Sox

    He needs to take some of Houck's chill pills. He's just an excitable boy (ooh ah ooh).
  14. Sin Duda

    First time visit to Fenway

    I doled out for a similar experience, which included all-you-could eat and drink during the game for Sox at Rangers in 2022 and it was about $350/ticket. What does it cost at Fenway?
  15. Sin Duda

    When Is It Okay To Worry About Triston Casas: An Attempt at the Reverse Jinx

    Dommo (quoting Tristan) is only 29!? I thought he was about 37 (or 55)!
  16. Sin Duda

    July 9, 2024 - Athletics vs Red Sox

    Casas coming up as the interviewer of the Player of the Game.
  17. Sin Duda

    Rafael Devers: post extension performance

    Dat's funny!
  18. Sin Duda

    A Dream of 2025, What is Going Right and Looks like the Sox can Build On

    Thanks for that link TH. A link within that article showed Fangraphs to value the Red Sox as having the second best farm system, trailing only the Cubs. Giddy up!
  19. Sin Duda

    Anthony Volpe And What Can He VolBe?

    That jog to home plate that cost a run in the 5-3 Sox extra inning victory is a gut punch for fans. He seems like a smart player so he'll learn from it, but even his explanation he thought it was a foul ball doesn't dismiss the need to hustle. Young player who probably hadn't seen that play, but...