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  1. Buzzkill Pauley

    Building a Bullpen, 2019 edition

    What’s interesting is that I took away precisely the opposite conclusion from your opening. The bullpen WILL look very different in September. Two assumptions are that are generally held to be true is that relievers are more volatile than starters in terms of performance, and that every pitcher...
  2. Buzzkill Pauley

    High-Class Problems: Worst Blunders of the Henry Era

    1. Promoting Cherington 2. Not keeping Orsillo 3. ??? 4. Profit!!
  3. Buzzkill Pauley

    Sox re-sign Steve Pearce

    Excellent signing! I’ll add my voice to those who want Eovaldi signed next....
  4. Buzzkill Pauley

    Green Fields of the Mind

    This past year’s Red Sox team was one of my very favorite ever, from the energy and demeanor of the team to the performance and the end results. It was also the season my teenage son started listening to radio broadcasts either while finishing up homework or just to pass the time before bedtime...
  5. Buzzkill Pauley

    Betts and JBJ Win Gold Glove Award

    Woohoo! JBJ finally recognized for his wizardry! Should have won it back in 2014, and it’s amazing that he got it now, when other teams know better than to expect a ball to fall or to try for the extra base. Ah, memories... And congratulations on another well-earned one for Mookie!
  6. Buzzkill Pauley

    2018-19 Offseason Thread

    Lol. While it’s true that winning ALCS MVP (and hopefully also a GG) likely represents peak value for JBJ, one of the big elements of 2018’s success was the OF defense and it’s ability to suppress both hitters’ slugging and baserunners taking extra bases. I’m not in favor of signing JBJ to a...
  7. Buzzkill Pauley

    2018-19 Offseason Thread

    It was a wonderful ride with this group of guys. This 2018 roster was the best overall team I’ve seen since the (damn it!) Yankees of the late-90’s. So wonderful to see the seeds sown during 2014-15 blossom this way! That being said, I’ll give my thoughts. A.) I think it’s safe to say DDski...
  8. Buzzkill Pauley

    World Series Prediction Time: who ya got?

    Sox in 4. The Dodgers aren’t as good as the Astros.
  9. Buzzkill Pauley

    Lineup in NL Park for WS

    This. The mere chance of Machado - as dirty a player in the game right now - spiking Mookie in the knee is enough reason to stick with Holt and Kinsler. The risk is too great. Maybe if the series goes to 7 games, and Sale can’t pitch, Cora should do this. But I believe the Sox are going to run...
  10. Buzzkill Pauley

    Lineup in NL Park for WS

    Well, if it happens, at least it’ll only be for two games.
  11. Buzzkill Pauley

    Lineup in NL Park for WS

    Only an option at all, IMO, if the WS is against the Brewers. Machado is a dirty player and would definitely find a way to spike him. Easiest way is to go up 2-0 at Fenway, then adjust to the hot hand. If Beni looks worse than JBJ at the plate in those two games, let Holt play 2B and hit 2nd...
  12. Buzzkill Pauley

    JBJ: Elite Defender With Some Pop

    Good timing of just 3 hits for some serious damage done = ALCS MVP! Congratulations to my binky!
  13. Buzzkill Pauley

    Let's just take a moment, here.

    This has been a big thing for me with the current group. The core group of guys are just so easy to root for, both the stars and the non-stars alike. The ALCS MVP award could have just as easily gone to Eovaldi or Barnes for their performance, or to Mookie or JDM for their reputation, but was...
  14. Buzzkill Pauley

    ALCS Prediction Time: who ya got?

    Sox in 6. We are so spoiled. Sure, Houston is really good. This Sox team is really good, too. I think folks might just take that a bit for granted.
  15. Buzzkill Pauley

    Rooting Interests

    Hey, now. I will say this for them: they did their job last night.
  16. Buzzkill Pauley

    Rooting Interests

    1. Boston 2. Cleveland (for Tito) 3. Milwaukee (for Shore) 4. Oakland (for Jr. Investment Banker) 5. Los Angeles (for The Steal) 6. Atlanta (just a fun young team) 7. Colorado (whatever) 8. Houston
  17. Buzzkill Pauley

    NL Wild Card Thread - Rockies @ Cubs

    Yup. He’s right there with Dan Roberts. And Marciano Rivera.
  18. Buzzkill Pauley

    NL Wild Card Thread - Rockies @ Cubs

    Traded, with Arrieta, for Feldman. Oh, I mean Feldman and Clevenger.
  19. Buzzkill Pauley

    NL Wild Card Thread - Rockies @ Cubs

    Where does Theo find guys like Strop, anyway?