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  1. sabrhagen99

    How do you feel about the past 20 years of John Henry and Tom Werner owning the team?

    Maybe something's going over my head, but Judge is 32.
  2. sabrhagen99

    How Many Games Does Anthony Rendon Play In 2024?

    66. And will complain about how there are too many games in a season again.
  3. sabrhagen99

    MLB suspends Trevor Bauer for 2 years with no pay

    The X thread is disgusting.
  4. sabrhagen99

    Rolling Game Thread for the 2023 Yankees

    Just saw the following headline- "New York Yankees to play in 2024 Little League World Series Classic". Watch out for that Taiwan team! (ducks)
  5. sabrhagen99

    Red Sox trivia

    Yaz, right?
  6. sabrhagen99

    Luis Arráez and his chase at a .400 Batting Average

    Arraez down to .397. Despite going 2 for 4 in 3 of his last 5 games and having a hit in the other two. That was only .381 (8 for 21). THAT'S how hard .400 would be.
  7. sabrhagen99

    Red Sox trivia

    Sanders did not win the World Series with the Braves, they lost in 1992. However, Hinkey Haines is probably more valid (other than same year) than who l was looking for- Otto Graham, 1946, Cleveland Browns, AAFC, and Rochester Royals, NBL. I know better than to trust everything on Wikipedia and...
  8. sabrhagen99

    Red Sox trivia

    No... Doubt anyone gets this without a (very small) bit of research. I certainly didn't know.
  9. sabrhagen99

    Red Sox trivia

    No... Much earlier.
  10. sabrhagen99

    Red Sox trivia

    Conley also one of only two people to win a championship in two of the four major North American sports. The other (never a Red Sox) did it in the same year! He was?
  11. sabrhagen99

    Red Sox trivia

    Good misdirect... But Gene Conley, Sox, Braves, Celtics.
  12. sabrhagen99

    4/25- Glory Days?

    Yes. Lee Smith, Wagner, Kimbrel, Jansen, Eck, Papelbon, Reardon.
  13. sabrhagen99

    i have direct tv

    Not sure what deal you guys are getting, but DirecTV has already billed me the first of 6 monthly installments of $24.99 the same as every year. I suspect this is some promotion given to Sunday Ticket subscribers, as l was given a free Sunday Ticket subscription last year (as an Extra Innings...
  14. sabrhagen99

    Thank you 2021 Red Sox

    Yes...yes, he did.
  15. sabrhagen99

    The Red Sox ARE good. So now what?

    This is an Impossible Dream fan song as much as Born in the USA is a flag waving anthem, which is to say, NOT.
  16. sabrhagen99

    Restraining order issued against David Ortiz
  17. sabrhagen99

    Manny, Ortiz, Duquette, Gedman, and Dinneen to be inducted into Red Sox Hall of Fame

    Dinneen, of course, is referenced in the Dropkick Murphys' Tessie: Tessie is the Royal Rooters rally cry Tessie is the tune they always sung Tessie echoed April through October nights After serenading Stahl, Dinneen and Young.
  18. sabrhagen99

    Happy Birthday Chairman of the Board

    retiring in early 1966 Actually, 1967- he was the losing pitcher in Billy Rohr's near no-hitter.
  19. sabrhagen99

    Sox 2019 schedule

    First MFY game at Fenway is July 25?!