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  1. pedro1918

    The Big Come Back? USWNT post-WC ‘23

    Going to the game tonight. Expected game time temperature is 98 F. Ugh.
  2. pedro1918

    Copa ‘24: Should Have Been a Yellow

    So now they aren't speaking...
  3. pedro1918

    Red Sox select Braden Montgomery in first round of 2024 draft.

    Better memories than "Monty"!
  4. pedro1918

    The Oldest Full Color Baseball Broadcast - Sox and Twins - 1967

    This game is part of a DVD collection that I was given for a present years ago. When my father, a fan since the 1930s, was in the final days of his life he was semiconscious, fading in and out. He was quite restless in either state. He was tossing and turning and appearing to be quite...
  5. pedro1918

    Dan Shaughnessy: Taking a dump in your mouth one column at a time

    After reading this thread I decided to give his current column a look. Um, Dan, I don't give a shit if you lose any sleep over anything. How about an opinion on why he shouldn't be on the team? Or why he should be? Unless you are saying you don't care about Olympic basketball entirely? Which...
  6. pedro1918

    Liverpool 24-25: Going Dutch

    FSG in talks to buy Bordeaux.
  7. pedro1918

    Bruins 24-25 Schedule

    If I remember correctly, it’s a TV thing. It won’t be on NESN this year. It’s one of the national broadcasts.
  8. pedro1918

    2024 Bruins Off Season News - Everyone Else But the Center

    How much of the Korpisalo acquisition leverage for Sweeney with the Sway negotiations? If they hadn’t acquired an “NHL veteran goalie”, Swayman’s agent could just say - are you ready to go into the season with Bussi as your #1? $3M*4 years seems like a lot for leverage, but it does give them...
  9. pedro1918

    The Big Come Back? USWNT post-WC ‘23

    The NWSL is off during the Olympics. No games between July 2nd and August 23rd. As a Washington Spirit season ticket...
  10. pedro1918

    That was then: Celebrating what was

    Oh what the heck, throw Gronk’s Tampa ring in there too!
  11. pedro1918

    Liverpool 24-25: Going Dutch

    Liverpool 24/25 Fixtures August Saturday 17th, 12.30pm – Ipswich Town (A) Saturday 24th, 3pm – Brentford (H) Saturday 31st, 3pm – Manchester United (A) September Saturday 14th, 3pm – Nottingham Forest (H) Saturday 21st, 3pm – Bournemouth (H) Saturday 28th, 3pm – Wolverhampton Wanderers...
  12. pedro1918

    Replacing Jack

    I agree on both emotions. I can't help but feel NESN looks at the situation as a cost cutting opportunity and lays out a package that does not come close to enticing Goucher to move.
  13. pedro1918

    5/29- in Bawlmer

    Me too. I was going to be late, but there was a pre-game power outage at the park. I walked into the seating bowl as the first pitch was thrown. Lansing with the defensive gem to keep it going.
  14. pedro1918

    5/29- in Bawlmer

    First in person game of the year for me. I can’t believe it is almost June and I haven’t been to a live baseball game. Win for me!
  15. pedro1918

    PWHL - to be named later

    Really surprised they got the call correct.
  16. pedro1918

    G4: Everyone Fights, No One Quits

    Sam said it was just a little shove. Just a little.
  17. pedro1918

    G4: Everyone Fights, No One Quits

    Bennett believes he would have scored without the shove. So that’s cool.
  18. pedro1918

    Game 1 - The Payback

    Carlo needs to have more kids.