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  1. Scoops Bolling

    Offseason NHL News

    Torey Krug may miss the entire season if his pre-arthritic ankle requires surgery. What a disastrous signing for the Blues.
  2. Scoops Bolling

    Sox at NYY July 5

  3. Scoops Bolling

    Offseason NHL News

    Guentzel is nearly 5 years younger. I'm not sure there's a team in the NHL that takes Stamkos over Guentzel ceteris paribus.
  4. Scoops Bolling

    NFL ordered to pay 12 BILLION in guilty verdict in the Sunday Ticket antitrust trial.

    Man, R is still around? I remember teaching myself R because I needed something to do my modeling for my undergrad thesis...ugh.
  5. Scoops Bolling

    Banner 18 Duck Boat Parade Game Thread

    Same reason Charlie Moore seemed to be on one...chucklefuck Boston media types find their way up there. Love it, or more likely hate it, Barstool has a big following. Moore on the other hand must have compromising photos of someone, because I'm not sure how the hell that guy is still on television.
  6. Scoops Bolling

    Copying a Google Drive to a different Google account

    Yeah, I can't say I have any familiarity with the regulations in this space.
  7. Scoops Bolling

    Copying a Google Drive to a different Google account

    Depending upon the cost of @cgori 's tool, you could also put it up as a project on something like Upwork and see what it would cost to have someone from the Phillipines or Pakistan or the like do it. You'd have to lay out step by step instructions, and give them access to the account...
  8. Scoops Bolling

    Offseason NHL News

    Thank God. I wanted nothing to do with PLD. He's right there with Kyle Turris as guys the NHL has always had a boner for totally out of proportion to their actual on ice impact.
  9. Scoops Bolling

    Take the Show on the Road

    Well if you're gonna hit solos, hit a lot of 'em.
  10. Scoops Bolling

    Wilyer the Coyote: "He's a good player."

    If nothing else, LHP mashing platoon bats are not necessarily the most difficult guys in the world to find (see: Refsnyder, Rob), so if he can be the strong side of the platoon who adds value defensively and with his legs...I mean, that's a potential 4 win kind of player right there, with a...
  11. Scoops Bolling

    RIP Bill Walton

    Such a long, long time to be gone And a short time to be there
  12. Scoops Bolling

    The Search for a number 1 center

    I seriously hope not. I want nothing to do with PLD and do not believe he is a real #1 center to start with.
  13. Scoops Bolling

    Game 1 - The Payback

    Brazzy Boy can play
  14. Scoops Bolling

    Game 1 - The Payback

  15. Scoops Bolling

    Game 1 - The Payback

  16. Scoops Bolling

    Game 1 - The Payback

  17. Scoops Bolling

    Game 1 - The Payback

    Fucking Bruins and their idiotic behind the back passing in their own zone. I've hated it the last couple of seasons (as it seems to be a bigger thing under Monty in particular), and it keeps costing them goals. MAKE THE FUCKING PLAY YOU CAN ACTUALLY SEE YOU FUCKING IDIOTS.
  18. Scoops Bolling

    Game 7 - We Win

    The nervous energy in the Garden is oppressive.
  19. Scoops Bolling

    Game 6 at Toronto

    It's not incompetence. It's Toronto.
  20. Scoops Bolling

    Game 6 at Toronto

    Given them enough of a timeout here Zebras?