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    MLB Draft 2024 - Potential future Red Sox

    Thinking about Jurrangelo Cijntje pitching from both sides of the mound reminds me of Greg A. Harris, a natural righty who could also pitch left-handed. During his time in Boston (1989-1994), I remember being highly disappointed that he wasn't allowed to pitch from both sides during a game by (I...
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    How Many of the Red Sox Managers of Your Lifetime do you have a Visceral Hatred for?

    1. The Gerbil. He decimated the team that I loved. 2. Bobby V. (and I get the comments above, he just could not help himself with the whole bothersome DNA thing). Grady blew it, but my hatred for him isn't visceral, more instinctual I guess...Kerrigan falls in the same category.
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    April 9, home opener

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    Larry Lucchino dead at 78

    It was mostly after Larry Lucchino left the Red Sox that I was able to look in the rearview, and fully appreciate what he did for the organization. Thank you sir, your legacy is intact.
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    George Will's Baseball Quiz - Spring 2024

    Oof...16/41. Was thinking glad it wasn't a timed quiz, but may have scored higher minus the overthinking. Thanks for the link, that was fun.
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    Let's Kut to the Chase

    Yep, TBD for sure. I do think that the emphasis on selective, off-speed stuff will contribute to durability in the long run.
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    Let's Kut to the Chase

    Kutter looked amazing tonight, following successive solid starts from Bello and Pivetta. I am so bullish on this pitching staff, and kind of finding it hard to control my optimism (giddiness) with the club's emphasis on pitching development. There seems to be a vision, implementation and buy in...
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    Shohei Ohtani’s attorneys accuse interpreter of ‘massive theft’ tied to alleged gambling

    In the third paragraph of the SI baseball preview issue that I referenced earlier regarding Ohtani, the cover subject. Setting is a NYC hotel prior to spring training: "With him are his two most trusted friends. To his left sits Ippei Mizuhara, his training associate, ride-or-die buddy and...
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    Shohei Ohtani’s attorneys accuse interpreter of ‘massive theft’ tied to alleged gambling

    Went to my mailbox this afternoon, and mixed in with various bills and solicitations was the MLB Preview issue of Sports Illustrated (I know, I know). Not shocked that Ohtani is on the cover 'pre-scandal', but the text next to his image is...interesting.
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    Sox have published a page of every player pronouncing their own name:

    I see some Justin Long (actor) in there.
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    Sox have published a page of every player pronouncing their own name:

    Pretty cool! I've been mispronouncing Masataka with the accent on the third syllable. Bobby Dalbec's 2nd pronunciation is kinda funny...
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    Let's Predict the 2024 Red Sox Season

    80 Wins -Team leader in Wins? Bello -Team leader in Losses? Bello -Team leader in Saves? Jansen -Team leader in ERA (qualifying)? Crawford -Team leader for Batting Average (qualifying)? Yoshida -Team leader for OPB (qualifying)? Casas -Team leader in OPS? Casas -Team leader in HR? Devers -Team...
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    Non-Patriots Free Agency News 2024

    Too funny...He was actually one of my 2017 draft binkies, which was one of New England's least exciting drafts in recent memory. Deatrich Wise worked out just fine with the 131st pick, so there's that.
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    Macksonville: Mac Traded to Jaguars

    AKA The Mac Jones Depreciation Thread... Hope he has a reasonably successful NFL career, and glad it's not gonna be here.
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    Stacy Wakefield has passed away from cancer

    Two amazing people...tears are flowing and heart is broken for their kids, Trevor and Brianna, on the brink of young adulthood.
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    Offseason rumors

    Done...Google sign-in works fine, thanks for that.
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    2024 Red Sox MiLB Acquisitions & Removals

    Echoing the many sentiments on the MiLB forum, I'm really glad to see you back @JM3... I will contribute moving forward, rather than just gawking!
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    Hall of Fame contest

    Beltre 91% Helton 76% Best to your mom and family...
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    How much does winning and losing affect your fandom?

    Voted 4, but my heart and my time devotion are nearly equally divided between options 1,2,4, and 5. I do understand the need for the other options, and hold no grudge to those who land there, I get it. It's kind of like a weird 'normal' marriage. There are highs and lows in communication and...
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    red sox preview/predictions

    Voted # 3 - 84-91 wins, on the lower end of the range, call it 86. I still have faith though. Just because I cannot see it, doesn't mean I can't believe it...