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    Stacy Wakefield has passed away from cancer

    I very rarely post on this forum, but as someone who lost both parents from cancer before the age of twenty one, I hopefully can offer a little perspective. My parents had demons, but even with that, it was awfully hard to navigate making decisions in adulthood without your parents to at least...
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    Time-killing Challenge: HOF Peak Team v. the Bright Shiners Peak-ish Team

    A solid candidate for your backup third baseman....Doug DeCinces' 1978 season. .872 OPS, 149 OPS+, a WAR of 6.8, slash line of 286/346/526 DeCinces' best WAR season was 1982 (7.6). He was 3rd in MVP in 1982, but interestingly enough was not anywhere near the top running for MVP in 1978.