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  1. Seabass

    ESPN Top 100

    To be fair, if he's not good at his job, he dies. I'm fine with higher stakes bumping him up.
  2. Seabass

    NBA Finals, Game 5, June 17: Banner Day>Flag Day

    Play defense like that for 3 more quarters and put up a banne r
  3. Seabass

    How worried are you about Celtics closing this out?

    I have a weird feeling that the C’s are gonna play super tight tonight and lose and then do that two more times. I also have a five day old so all of my feelings are weird and tired and a little grimy. I’m hoping I wake up on the couch and see confetti, but the vibes feel weird.
  4. Seabass

    The Bill Simmons Thread

    Bill, you're right, great point. You know how you've been saying that Spurs can't throw an entry pass to Wemby, well, I'm gonna zag on you here, I think you're underselling how much they can't throw him an entry pass, so you're even more right than I thought you were, which was completely right...
  5. Seabass

    6/9 - Finals Game B vs. DAL - 48 > 40

    And shoutout SVP calling the JB/DW block clean all the way.
  6. Seabass

    6/9 - Finals Game B vs. DAL - 48 > 40

    It’s the defense. The defense this team has played the first two games is the best I’ve seen all year. Just suffocating. An awful shooting night and they pull it out. I adore Jrue. We all do. He’s perfect.
  7. Seabass

    6/6 - Finals G1 vs. DAL - Comeback Song

    They had 14 turnovers, half that were unforced, missed 6 FT and it was over with 5 minutes left. The defense was electric, the pace in the first half was incredible and they stopped the bleeding every time it got close. Let’s get the next one.
  8. Seabass

    6/6 - Finals G1 vs. DAL - Comeback Song

    Last three possessions were awful, they needed to close stronger than that.
  9. Seabass

    National Celtics discourse

    That's where I'm at - just give me some game breakdowns. I really like Zach Lowe, but every discussion about the C's this run has come with a pained sigh and the caveat that he picked them to win the championship, and then a discussion follows of why the Celtics should have done better than...
  10. Seabass

    5/27 - ECF Game 4 @ IND - Kill Shot

    So impressed with how this team closed. The Jays showed the fuck out
  11. Seabass

    Derrick White, extends 4yrs/$125.9M

    The potential for a White extension has been discussed all over the board, but this is the best place to put this report from Zach Lowe: " White will be eligible this summer for a four-year, $123 million extension. One way or another, sources close to the situation expect him to continue as a...
  12. Seabass

    5/21 - ECF G1 vs. IND - Redemption on the Parquet

    A win is a fucking win let’s go
  13. Seabass

    5/21 - ECF G1 vs. IND - Redemption on the Parquet

    Here to register my support for this timeout.
  14. Seabass

    Round 3: Celtics vs Pacers

    Good news is the Pacers just had the best shooting game in playoff history, so that’s out of their system. Starting to pre-hate McConnell now, it’s safer if you slowly build it up over a couple of days.
  15. Seabass

    New York Knicks (2) vs Indiana Pacers (6) - 2024 EC Second Round

    Russillo is gonna be so disappointed in Tatum if the Knicks can’t pull this out.