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  1. LaszloKovacks

    6/6 - Finals G1 vs. DAL - Comeback Song

    Porzingis!! So f’ing jacked right now
  2. LaszloKovacks

    2024 NFL Draft 1st round gamethread: Maye the odds be ever in your favor WITH SPOILERS

    Bill's big board that they showed before the draft started went 1. Caleb Williams 2. Jayden Daniels 3. MHJ 4. Nabers 5. Maye
  3. LaszloKovacks

    Week 6 - Pats @ Raiders

    So fucking weak
  4. LaszloKovacks

    Week 6 - Pats @ Raiders

  5. LaszloKovacks

    Week 6 - Pats @ Raiders

    Fun team
  6. LaszloKovacks

    Week 6 - Pats @ Raiders

    Yess, well said. I’ve been thinking this for years. His entire approach is predicated on the belief that he will always have a coaching advantage. He loves to say “this is a players game,” but deep down he thinks the opposite.
  7. LaszloKovacks

    Week 2 NFL Game Thread

    Just saw it on twitter. Really bad.
  8. LaszloKovacks

    Game 2 Mia, goats

    It's because his entire strategy hinges on having a coaching advantage. For a variety of reasons, he is less able to do so these days than he did throughout the 2000s and 2010s. He's fond of saying "it's a players game," but I've always thought he thinks the complete opposite. Following this...
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    YouTube announces Sunday Ticket Pricing

    How do you get multiple games going?
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    Pats at Packers 8/19

  11. LaszloKovacks

    Pats sign JuJu Smith-Schuster

  12. LaszloKovacks

    Tom Brady is retired