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  1. Bosoxman2004

    Who to buy at the trade deadline?

    Right now I am not seeing much of a weakness anywhere on the major league team. We have starting depth with Winckowski, Criswell and others. We have Relief depth as well. In the lineup once Casas comes back there's not really a hole there either. I could actually see them adding by subtraction...
  2. Bosoxman2004

    2024 Lineup (What we actually have - no trade speculation.)

    It appears likely that this weekend could be the first time that all of the OF/DH candidates are healthy at the same time (Duran, Rafaela, O'Neill, Abreu, Refsnyder & Yoshida). It'll be interested to see what they do with all of these options available. Here are two ways I could see them...
  3. Bosoxman2004

    Is Connor Wong a starting catcher?

    Ah that's a very good point. I don't know much about Teel but wouldn't we be kind of hoping he would essentially become what Wong is now?
  4. Bosoxman2004

    Is Connor Wong a starting catcher?

    We have seen 2 extensions signed recently on young players (Bello & Rafaela) and many of us have been clamoring for an extension with Triston Casas as well. However, I haven't seen anywhere at all where it's been mentioned of extending our catcher also! Connor seems to be a strong candidate to...
  5. Bosoxman2004

    Red Sox acquire Zack Short

    My guess is they don't want to have to add either of them (or Kavadas for that matter) to the 40 man roster because they would lose them by outrighting them off. Guys like Dominic Smith and Zach Short are fungible and that's why other teams are DFAing them or releasing them. The sox see them as...
  6. Bosoxman2004

    Sox to trade for Garrett Cooper, Pablo Reyes DFA’d

    I believe Grissom will replace Valdez. Hamilton can play both SS and 2B somewhat passably, has breakout speed on the bases also. Then you have Dalbec backing up 1B and 3B. Valdez is essentially a 2B only and barely even that to be honest. Cooper/Dalbec/Grissom/Hamilton are the 4 guys I expect...
  7. Bosoxman2004

    4.5 - Angels in the Outfield

    One thing I haven't seen mentioned, for those advocating for Rafaela at SS (I Am among those who think this is the best course), remember he took a ball off his wrist tonight also. He looks fine but it could linger.
  8. Bosoxman2004

    3/28/24 - Opening Day 2024 - Red Sox at Mariners

    Win #1 of 97 incoming!
  9. Bosoxman2004

    Let's Predict the 2024 Red Sox Season

    -Team leader in Wins?? Montgomery -Team leader in Losses?? Houck -Team leader in Saves?? Jansen -Team leader in ERA (qualifying)?? Bernardino -Team leader for Batting Average (qualifying)?? Yoshida -Team leader for OPB (qualifying)?? Casas -Team leader in OPS?? Devers -Team leader in HR?? Devers...
  10. Bosoxman2004

    Sox trade John Schreiber to KC for minor league right-hander David Sandlin

    For those wondering, Schreiber is set to earn $1.175 million in 2024 and has 3 years of control remaining. Essentially his money is about the same as what they gave Criswell in free agency. Sandlin seems to be a lottery ticket SP prospect with a live arm.
  11. Bosoxman2004

    Offseason rumors

    I've seen several comparable players to Yoshida signing contracts for far less than he got, included Soler's 3 year 42 million dollar deal. I'm curious how much Yoshida's contract has changed or hampered any possible plans to this off-season. I can definitely see why they might be a bit more...
  12. Bosoxman2004

    Offseason rumors

    Yeah I would say this likely takes the Giants out of the SP market, but they did trade a SP in this deal so who knows. I would think this takes one suitor out of the SP market and 1 suitor out of the Teoscar market, both I think could affect the Sox.
  13. Bosoxman2004

    Chris Sale (plus $17mil) traded to Atlanta for Vaughn Grissom

    thanks I went to edit and it was done, sorry about that!
  14. Bosoxman2004

    Chris Sale (plus $17mil) traded to Atlanta for Vaughn Grissom

  15. Bosoxman2004

    What does Red Sox starting pitching look like in 2024?

    View: Another potential option off the board
  16. Bosoxman2004

    Offseason rumors

    I'm not sure where to put this, but Jung Hoo Lee out of the KBO (Which most publications compared to America's AA) just signed a 6 year, 113 million contract with the Giants. He is 25 years of age. Yoshida last year at 29 years old signed a 5 year 90 million contract. I'm curious which...
  17. Bosoxman2004

    Tyler O’Neill traded to Red Sox

    The return is Nick Robertson (acquired in Kiki Trade) and Victor Santos.
  18. Bosoxman2004

    Tyler O’Neill traded to Red Sox

    This acquisition, I'm assuming, precludes them from re-signing Duvall and/or Justin Turner and also makes Refsnyder obsolete?
  19. Bosoxman2004

    Tyler O’Neill traded to Red Sox

    Ah fair enough, I apologize.
  20. Bosoxman2004

    Tyler O’Neill traded to Red Sox

    Still in his prime (turns 29 in June) and is 3rd year arbitration eligible who can't be a free agent until 2025. Made just under $5 million last season. His most similar comparison according to Baseball Reference is old friend Wily Mo Pena. Has a little bit of speed as well (40 career steals)