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    Florio: Pash ordered PSI readings “expunged” in 2015

    The "destruction of Brady's text messages" never made sense to me, since the league was in possession of texts from every other league employee or Patriots employee, and therefore had any texts that Brady sent to those people. So, while it may have been possible Brady was texting his friends and...
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    That was then: Celebrating what was

    You may be thinking of his '07 Game 6 call for JD Drew (which was a pretty good call).
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    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

    After following this entire disaster since January and reading the Wells report, I want to try and clarify one point mentioned a few pages back.  Isn't the most damning part of the evidence that McNally was clearly doing something to the balls, sometime? Everyone interviewed, including Brady...
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    AJP gets exorcised and Christian Vazquez up. Starts tonight

    Not to get off track, but I agree with your perception of a bridge year (short- and mid-term veterans, rookies), and I think that's exactly what the team did going into 2013. The results were obviously a best-case scenario, but I feel that this year they continued the approach and instead got a...
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    AJP gets exorcised and Christian Vazquez up. Starts tonight

    You need to remember that most fans were prepared for this type of season in 2013 - a "bridge year" in which some rookies would be integrated into the major league roster, and immediate results on the field would take a backseat to longterm player development. Realistic expectations were that we...