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  1. TimNJsoxfan

    2024 SoSH Golf

    I was at 59 with 4 holes left pars 4,4,3,4. I parred 15 and the bogeyed 16,17,18. But it was at 13 when I hit a 4i 205yds over a creek and landed 5 feet behind the green and 2 putted for par that I had the feeling.
  2. TimNJsoxfan

    2024 SoSH Golf

    Finally broke 70! After previous bests of 82 and 81 at a local course, I shot a 77 this morning! 37 on the front and 40 on the back. What a great feeling when everything is working at the same time. Usually its my driver is on but my irons suck or vice versa.
  3. TimNJsoxfan

    2024 SoSH Golf

    It really is such a beautiful course. The moss hanging from the trees and the flowers around the greens and tees.
  4. TimNJsoxfan

    2024 SoSH Golf

    Was cloudy when I drove in in the morning. Cleared up later on for a nice photo
  5. TimNJsoxfan

    2024 SoSH Golf

    BEAUTIFUL DAY! Eagled #8
  6. TimNJsoxfan

    2024 SoSH Golf

    Will be doing just that. Having the wife meet me after my round for a sandwich and a beer on the porch. My Strealth broke on me a few weeks ago. Went and got fitted with a Callaway Rogue ST Max. The fitter had me try a stiff shaft instead of my normal regular that I had been using forever...
  7. TimNJsoxfan

    2024 SoSH Golf

    Heading down to Myrtle Beach tomorrow. Playing True Blue on Tuesday and Caledonia on Friday (may switch to Thursday cause weather) Cant wait! Love those two courses!
  8. TimNJsoxfan

    2024 US Open - Pinehurst No. 2

    Rory just putted off the green.... Insane! And then chips it in for Par!!!
  9. TimNJsoxfan

    2024 US Open - Pinehurst No. 2

    Tiger 3 putts from 25"...oof +2
  10. TimNJsoxfan

    2024 PGA Tour

    Full Swing season 2 starts today on Netflix
  11. TimNJsoxfan

    Week 17

    My chance of winning just went from 55% to 70%
  12. TimNJsoxfan

    CFB 2023 Week 6: A thread that, respectfully, needs to be domed

    I don’t know what the replay officials were looking at on the fumble call. The RBs elbow was clearly down before the ball got ripped out.
  13. TimNJsoxfan

    2023 Ryder Cup - When in Rome...

    JT just misses the eagle chip for the win.... sooo close
  14. TimNJsoxfan

    Tim Wakefield has passed away from brain cancer at 57 (10/1 update)

    This sucks! My only Red Sox jersey I have ever owned is #49 Praying for the best
  15. TimNJsoxfan

    SoSH Golf, 2023

    Shot my best round ever today. 7 pars on the front nine but the triple bogey on 10 really hurt my chance at breaking 80.
  16. TimNJsoxfan

    2023 US Open - Los Angeles Country Club

    I think the ball has to be imbedded in the earth, not just lost in the grass. thats why the rules official was sticking her finger into the spot where the ball was removed from. to feel if if broke the surface into the dirt beneath the grass.